10 Video Marketing Blogs You Should Be Reading

Video Marketing BlogsThink you don't know enough about video marketing? That's about to change, with our list of 10 video marketing blogs you should be following if you want to beef up your knowledge base. There are plenty of great resources out there, it's all a matter of knowing where to look. It's to your advantage that we have so many smart and savvy marketing pros out there blogging and generating conversations about marketing. It's a great time to learn, and these blogs are a great place to start if you're looking for insight into getting started or improving your existing strategy.
Online Video
The headline says it all: Online video strategies, platforms, news, and tips. It's a great resource for how-to guides if you're new to video marketing or just looking to continue learning. Youtube This one is a no-brainer. Where else are you going to keep up with news and other important updates from the top video marketing channel? Exactly. Head over there now! Josh Rimer While we're on the subject of YouTube, Josh Rimer is a YouTube marketing guru. He discusses everything to do with video optimization and strategy in order for your video to perform the way you want it to.
Looking for more information about how video can boost your sales? You'll find it at Digitpro along with tips on how to create video that your brand can be proud of.
BusinessWeek Online Video
This one's great because you can look through all of the different categories and find great information from a variety of contributors. The online video section in particular has great articles you can comb through to pick up tips from some of the best out there.
Imagination Media
Tim Danyo gives an overview of what content marketing can do for your business, with some helpful knowledge about how video fits into what you want to accomplish.  Thinking in terms of content in general and then narrowing your focus on video is a great way to go about things!
Adverblog is a unique learning tool for everyone looking to get in on video marketing. It allows you to check out advertisements, with commentary about what they got right and where they went wrong. You can end up spending more time than you planned going through and seeing the hits and misses of video marketing.
Everything you're going to want to know about SEO and your video campaign can be found at Reelseo. It's an invaluable resource for figuring out how to step up your video content, probably in ways you haven't even considered.
Yes!Media Works
All video marketing, all the time. This is an excellent resource for you to learn and understand how to use video marketing in new, exciting ways.
Distilled is another resource that doesn't focus exclusively on video, but when they do talk about it, you want to listen! The video section is definitely worth browsing to get a better understanding of cool stuff in video marketing. Do you have any favorite video marketing blogs? Let us know where you go to learn more and engage in conversations about video marketing.