2 Quick Video Marketing Tips to Boost Engagement

2 Quick Video Marketing Tips to Boost EngagementWe are a visual society and as a marketer that means finding ways to catch people's eye and keep their attention. One of the best ways to do that is with video. Not only does the movement on an otherwise static page attract the eye, but it's a platform that allows you to impart a large amount of information with the least amount of effort on the part of the consumer. But as you create your strategy, be sure to keep these two quick video marketing tips in mind:
1. Keep It Short
Let's face it, the average attention span of an adult is around eight seconds. Now that's where actually making the videos gets difficult. You want to tell your customers everything that makes your product wonderful, but they're going to stop paying attention pretty quickly. Resist the urge to make a 15-minute infomercial and make a few snippets around 30 seconds each instead. Consider taking a page from old-time serials and release a longer video in smaller sections. Get creative and remember that it doesn't take an hour to develop a story.
2. Customer Generated Videos
Your customers love your product, they use it all the time. So why not give them a chance to showcase that in a short video? Almost every business has a way for consumers to leave text feedback. Given that approximately 80% of consumers will check online reviews a business can't thrive without it, but this takes consumer feedback one step further. Instead of text which is often long or vague, this allows your users to demonstrate what it is about your product that makes it worth purchasing. A picture is worth a thousand words. As you are creating your marketing strategy don't forsake video. Visit us for more tips and to keep up with the latest video marketing trends.