January 30, 2013

Apps For 50: Ensuring Customers Can Engage With Businesses Anytime, Anywhere

Each month we reward a new company with a free, one-year subscription to Bravo Video. If you’re a new business and want to increase the success of your online marketing initiatives, you may be a perfect fit for our Startup Sweepstakes. Learn more and apply here.

Whether you have a website or a business, you want to make sure your audience and customers can engage with your brand or organization anytime, anywhere. AppsFor50.com offers an affordable, simple, and powerful way for you to connect with your audience and customers wherever they go. Below you’ll find some interview questions answered by the founder of the company, Cornelius Brown Sr.

Apps For 50

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January 9, 2013

Announcing 60-Day Free Trials

60-Day Free Trial

Over the past year, we’ve received more than our fair share of requests to extend the initial 30-day free trial period. So, for the balance of January, that’s exactly what we’re going to do!

Whether you’re gathering testimonials from your client base or running a large-scale social media contest – we understand that setting up a user-generated video campaign requires time, careful planning and strategic marketing effort.

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