January 31, 2014

Video Testimonial Best Practices: 5 Core Concepts

Video Testimonial Best PracticesAnyone can decide to incorporate video testimonials into their marketing strategy. But receiving videos, and receiving videos that are successful and have a lasting impact are two separate things. Here are the video testimonial best practices that will go a long way in making sure you’re the latter.


What’s being said in each testimonial? More importantly, is the same thing being said over and over again? The great thing about video testimonials is the capacity to learn something new from each one.

You’re not allowed to brag about your business, but clients are. So, let them! Instead of sticking to the same topics, provide questions that explore various aspects of what your brand does well. You shouldn’t feel limited, like you have to stick with testimonials pertaining to one aspect of your brand. You’ll yield better results if you consider a wide range of questions and topics, all with a unique message for viewers.

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January 30, 2014

Why Video Contest Promotion Is Key To A Successful Campaign

Video Contest PromotionHow’s anyone going to know about your great idea if you don’t promote it? Video contest promotion for a successful campaign is about more than flooding social media with news and updates about what you’re doing. Let’s take it in steps:

The Before

Before your contest is unveiled, when you’re still in the planning stages, it’s time to i.d. your target audience. Specifically, where they hang out online, offline, and in general. Even if you’ve already spent time recently looking at who you’re targeting, look again. Better to confirm what you know rather than go forward not knowing!

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January 29, 2014

4 Common Video Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Video Marketing MistakesVideo has proven itself time and again as a way to reach current and new audiences.

Done correctly, it can bridge the gap between consumers and their favorite brands, thanks mostly to our voracious appetite for video. We all have our video favorites, and thanks to savvy marketing efforts, we even share them so family and friends can see what we’re enjoying.

On the flip side, video can also go horribly wrong, which means it can have the opposite effect of what businesses are going for. We’ve identified some video marketing pitfalls, and what you’ll want to look out for.

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January 24, 2014

Video Testimonial Lighting: 3 Tips For Best Results

Video Testimonial LightingThe key to great video testimonial lighting? The answer rests in a variety of factors, and we have 3 tips to make sure your lighting is at its best.

First and most importantly – viewers need to put a face to a testimonial

How else are consumers supposed to make a connection if they can’t see who’s speaking?

The success of video testimonials, as opposed to just using text, has everything to do with seeing the face of the speaker and making a connection. Viewers want to see people who look like them. Forget models or paid actors – they want the real deal, flaws and all, which is why lighting is such a huge deal.

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January 22, 2014

Improve Your Video Testimonial Conversion Rate With These Simple Steps

Video Testimonial Conversion RateAre you getting the most out of your video testimonials? If you want to improve your video testimonial conversion rate it might be time to take a look at video placement.

Sometimes we grow complacent with our successes and end up going too long before we re-evaluate our strategy. Asking for and receiving testimonials is a great start to a new marketing strategy. But where are you going to put them? Placement is a huge deal. Content that fits on one area of your site might not do as well in another.

Let’s take a look at how to evaluate and get the most out of your video testimonials.

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January 20, 2014

3 Good Video Testimonial Questions To Ask Your Customers

Good Video Testimonial QuestionsWe have 3 good video testimonial questions to get your business on the right track for exploring new marketing efforts. It can be a little overwhelming to just dive in to video, so we’ve got you covered on what questions to ask and why you should ask them.

First up: Address the challenge that brought them to your product or business

Question: What challenge/problem did the product or service solve?

This question is an important one as well as a great starting point for video testimonials. It addresses the basic reason consumers are coming to you. Without a problem of some kind they wouldn’t be seeking you out. It gives something for viewers to relate to. If they’re in the same industry, they’ll most likely relate to the problem of your customer. This means of identifying with the problem of the speaker is pretty important in terms of establishing that your business is the one they need to help them.

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January 17, 2014

Which Video Contest Plugin Features Really Matter?

Video Contest Plugin FeaturesWhat do you need out of a video contest plugin? You’ll want to think about your contest endeavors and where you plan on taking them in the future before you make your decision.

Here are a few features to keep in mind:

Mobility is a must

Mobility should be high up on your list of priorities. Mobile usage is soaring, especially among consumers who want to check in with their favorite brands on-the-go. Whether at home or out and about a huge chunk of online usage is facilitated through mobile devices. Your video contest plugin should accommodate the rise in mobile usage so you know you’re effectively reaching prospective entrants.

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January 16, 2014

5 Video Contest Tips You Can’t Forget To Implement

Video Contest TipsLets talk about video contest tips you need to implement to ensure your campaign is a success. There’s a lot happening when you plan a contest, and it’s easy for details to fall by the wayside.

We understand the pressure to have a successful campaign.

Here are our tips to make it happen:

Get organized

The prep stage of any campaign effort is the time to set the tone for the feel of the contest going forward. It’s all about how you approach brainstorming, working together with your team, and pulling all of the details together to make a great contest. Whether you think so or not, it will make a difference.

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January 15, 2014

Funny Video Contest Ideas From 2013 And What We Can Learn From Them

We have highlights from 2013’s funniest video contests. Whether the content focuses on adorable babies or mischievous animals, these videos can have big impact on brand marketing thanks to the sharability factor.  Internet users spend a lot of time viewing video content, which is great news for your contest efforts. All you need is the right idea, something with sharability and widespread appeal, and you’re looking at a successful contest.

Here are 3 of the funniest video contests of 2013 and what they got right.

First up: Purina Friskies search for the cutest cats

Purina Friskies hosted their 2013 video contest, calling for submissions of cats doing what they do best – being quirky and getting themselves into humorous or adventurous situations that we can laugh at and share with our friends. Contest categories broke down as follows:

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January 10, 2014

3 Reasons Why User-Generated Video Testimonial Campaigns Fail

User Generated Video Testimonial CampaignsLet’s talk about 3 reasons why user-generated video testimonial campaigns fail. It’s not a whole lot of fun to look at our failures but if it means we’re learning and can do better next time, it’s worth doing.

Staff isn’t on board

Unless you plan on running this initiative by yourself (not recommended!) you’re going to need your team to be on board with receiving videos. What does that entail?

First, it means having a clear understanding of your goals in terms of the content you’re looking for. You’ll need to consider where video testimonials will be placed in order to get a handle on what they should be about. Long and short term marketing goals should be clearly established, including the strategy about how you’re going to reach those goals as a team. All of this should be mapped out before you take it to the team.

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January 8, 2014

Video Contest Marketing Tips To Boost Your Campaign

Video Contest Marketing TipsAre you making the most of video contest marketing? We have 3 tips to make sure you’re accomplishing what you need to.

The whole point of putting together an awesome, successful contest is to establish and foster connections while getting the word out about your brand, right?

A video contest can accomplish this and more thanks to the interest they generate. Paired with the online appetite for video viewing, and you’ve got a great marketing campaign on your hands. It’s just a matter of knowing how to make the most of what a contest can do for your business.

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January 6, 2014

3 Video Contest Trends Worth Mentioning

Video Contest TrendsLet’s talk about 3 video contest trends that deserve your attention this year. Part of pulling off a successful campaign includes checking into trends to see what you’re following will likely respond to. Let’s get your contest brainstorming off to the right start by going over the hottest video contest trends.

First up: Mobility

Without a doubt, this is the most important trend. Everyone’s been hearing about mobile usage being on the rise. With 50% of users relying on their mobile device as their main source of internet access, you better be looking for ways to make sure your contest can travel with them!

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January 3, 2014

Bravo 2.0 Is Here

We officially rolled out Bravo 2.0 to all accounts today, and we launched a shiny new website to go along with the new interface. We think you’re going to love it, but we also realize that technology changes can be stressful to some.

Here are the details:

A Fresh, Responsive Design

The new interface features a fully-responsive design, compatible with all smartphones and tablets:

Mobile Friendly Interface

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January 2, 2014

The Best Video Contests For Teenagers

Video Contests For TeenagersHow do you make sure your contest is reaching out to a younger crowd? The best video contests for teenagers speak to their interests, or offer a prize that does. That doesn’t mean you need to throw energy drinks and memes at them in a bid to appear relateable and gain their attention.

We get that not all businesses will appeal to teens, so it’s up to you to create a video contest that does. With the right elements, you can make sure your contest draws in the crowd you’re aiming to reach.

Check out a few of the known hits with teens to get some ideas brewing.

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