July 31, 2014

Small Business Video Marketing Tips

Business Video MarketingA lot of conversations taking place about video marketing usually focus on corporations. We have small business video marketing tips, because video isn’t just a tool to be used by brands with huge budgets for the campaigns they’re launching.

Video can accomplish a lot for small businesses, and it doesn’t have to ruin your budget or suck up all your time in the process.

Going viral doesn’t need to be the end goal

There’s a lot that happens behind the scenes to make a piece of content, including video, go viral. It takes a certain amount of planning, with lots of time, energy, and money. It isn’t practical for small businesses to aim for every video they put out to go viral. Not only is it lacking in practicality, there’s a good chance that your video going viral wouldn’t accomplish what you’re hoping to do.

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July 30, 2014

What is Voice of the Customer Process?

Voice of the Customer ProcessThe voice of the customer process is taking place whenever you’re collecting and receiving valuable feedback from consumers.

Whether you’re seeking consumers out, or they’re coming to you, it’s a key aspect of making sure you’re in the loop about the average consumer experience. The information you gather will also allow you to make meaningful changes for your brand, especially when considering long-term goals.

Ways to collect feedback:

There are a lot of ways you can tap into how the average customer prioritizes their needs. Interviews with your sales and customer service reps are a great way to start. It’s an excellent way to find out what they’re hearing from customers, things you wouldn’t be hearing unless you were in their unique position.

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July 29, 2014

Video Marketing Campaign Tips from the Top

Video Marketing CampaignA successful video marketing campaign accomplishes a few things at once. Obviously, you’re grabbing attention, keeping viewers tuned in and laughing, or warming their hearts. But it’s also important that you’re generating conversation, that it doesn’t taper off once the video ends. There needs to be endurance, which is the mark of a great campaign.

Here are some videos that bring those components together:

First up, Puppy Love by Budweiser

What’s not to love about an adorable friendship between a determined puppy and horse? The commercial aired at the Super Bowl, where the minute long story charmed viewers.  It was a follow up from Brotherhood, the commercial from the previous year and featured the awesome bond between a Clydesdale and its trainer.

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July 25, 2014

What You Can Do With Great Customer Service Stories

Great Customer Service StoriesGreat customer service stories deserve to be told! The feedback that comes from interactions your team’s having with consumers can be pretty valuable stuff. Put it to use instead of briefly acknowledging what happened, and then putting it out of your mind.

Use them for training

Customer service training is key if you want team members who handle the ins and outs of customer interaction in a way that aligns with your brand. Training can help employees be prepared for all types of situations, promote brand culture, and hopefully have consumers walking away feeling good about the interaction.

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July 24, 2014

How to Get Earned Media: Tips for a Successful Strategy

How to Get Earned MediaThere’s a lot of talk about how to get earned media, especially when it means competing with a lot of other noise. There’s no one trick to making it happen. Instead, there are several ways to approach your efforts that will either make or break the goals you’ve set.

All about audience

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is not having a thorough understanding on your audience. It’s more than the demographic you’re targeting, which is also helpful. It has to do with understanding the kind of content they’ll seek out to which questions in their life need answering and making sure you’re putting out content that matches up with those interests.

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July 23, 2014

Voice of the Customer Definition: How to Get the Most Out of Feedback

Voice of the Customer DefinitionVoice of the customer definition

Voice of the customer is all about capturing feedback from consumers and what they have to say about some of the most important aspects of your brand. If you have trouble keeping clients after their initial use of your product or service, or if you’re just looking to be more in tune with the average customer experience – it’s your best bet at gaining some insight.

If you’ve been looking ahead, trying to map out where your brand’s headed, this type of feedback can help. Instead of making changes for the sake of change, or progress, if you’re listening to the people who use your product or service most, they’re going to have some pretty good ideas that can clue you in about where you should be headed.

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July 21, 2014

What to Ask: Voice of the Customer Survey Questions

Voice of the Customer Survey QuestionsWhen you’re looking to gain insight into the wants and needs of your customers, preparing a list of voice of the customer survey questions is key. You can learn a lot, depending on the questions you’re asking, which is why it’s important that your questions get to the heart of what you need to know.

Here’s a breakdown of the type of questions you need to ask in order to learn the most.

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July 18, 2014

Common Brand Storytelling Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them

Brand StorytellingThere are a few common brand storytelling mistakes that you’ve probably seen even from some of your favorite brands. In order to avoid the same fate and end up telling a story that falls flat with your audience, here are some things to avoid when you set to work.

Lack of structure

Every good story has a beginning, middle, and end.

The beginning is when we’re pulled in and set up for what’s going to happen. We are introduced to our main character, or who/whatever we’re going to be following. A problem emerges toward the middle, so the end can explore how the problem was solved and potential aftermath.

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July 17, 2014

Effectively Capturing the Voice of the Customer

Capturing the Voice of the CustomerThere’s no secret recipe for effectively capturing the voice of the customer. The good news is that it’s a matter of mix and match and using what makes sense for you. While another brand may have success with focus groups and surveys, depending on the kind of feedback you’re looking for, you might find that complaint logs and direct interviews yield the best results.

Want more good news? None of these methods is inherently better than the other. The important part isn’t just what method you’re using, but why. Here’s what you can expect to get out of each method, and what to consider when choosing which to use:

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July 16, 2014

The Secrets of Word of Mouth Marketing

Secrets Of Word Of Mouth MarketingWhat are the secrets of word of mouth marketing? Nothing too tricky if you keep in mind your end goal for what it can accomplish for your brand.

Know where your brand stands

Before you decide that you want to throw yourself into word of mouth marketing, you need to take an honest look at what’s being said about your brand.

You want to go in with your eyes wide open and have an understanding about not just the average customer experience, but perceptions and preconceived notions that exist about the product or service you offer.

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July 15, 2014

Listening to What Voice of Customer Research Has to Tell You

Voice of Customer ResearchVoice of customer research is going to help identify the top priority needs and wants of your clients. You’re getting the information you need through interviews, focus groups, surveys and so on, right from the source. Rather than speculating about how to continue meeting the needs of your clients, you can gather the information yourself to get a better idea of where you need to be heading in the future.

What you can do with that feedback

Every brand has an idea of the type of interaction they’re hoping for with clients and consumers in general. Even if you never sit down and fill in the details about what that would look like, there are a few components that are pretty universal.

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July 11, 2014

How to Conduct a Video Interview

How to Conduct a Video InterviewThings to keep in mind when you are considering how to conduct a video interview:

Think about some of the great interviews you’ve watched, whether it’s a pro or from a lesser known interviewer. What makes it compelling to watch? Usually you’re learning something new or hearing someone share a unique perspective about a topic you’re passionate about.

There are other smaller details that that we might take for granted. Where is the interview taking place? Does the conversation flow easily or is there any awkwardness to the exchange?

A lot of it has to do with pulling all of these aspects together and evaluating what you need to work on to pull off interviews that nail your objective.

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July 10, 2014

The Art of Effective Brand Storytelling

Brand StorytellingBrand storytelling has always been an important way to communicate the values and backbone of what your brand’s about. The curiosity of consumers who want to know more about what they’re investing in is natural and has been around as long as brands have been putting themselves out there.

Some bigger brands pulling of great storytelling include Coca Cola, Allstate, and Chipotle, with its highly effective Scarecrow campaign.

A lot of what makes brand storytelling powerful is the emotion it’s able to convey, often creating awareness so we look at a brand in a new way, or cementing ideas we have about what’s important, and what drives them. It isn’t salesy or spammy. Instead, we’re compelled to watch and find out more based on a few important factors that draw us in.

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July 8, 2014

An Unlikely Tip for Successful Video Content Marketing

Video Content MarketingWhat’s all the buzz around video content marketing right now? A lot of it seems to be focusing on what it can do for conversions. It makes sense, in a way, because a lot of the time our bosses or clients who might not have the best understanding of marketing see conversions as their bottom line.

When they’re paying for a strategy made up of video, posts and Tweets, they’re looking for the quickest, most cost-effective way to get the numbers they’re looking for. That’s how they’ve gotten used to looking at things, but what does it mean when you’re trying to put a successful plan in place?

My number one tip: Get back to what matters. Implement a plan without conversions as #1 goal.

We spend a lot of time feeling pressured to make conversions happen through content. It all goes back to that buzz I mentioned earlier. Conversation gets stuck at conversions – how video can boost your numbers, what the latest tricks can do to make the process easier.

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July 3, 2014

3 Word of Mouth Marketing Advantages

Word Of Mouth Marketing AdvantagesThere’s a lot of buzz around word of mouth marketing advantages. Like it or not, there’s conversation taking place out there about what your brand does, and how well you do it. Some brands shy away from the idea of tapping into word of mouth conversation.

The main concern seems to be that, in doing so, they’ll open the floodgates to reveal criticism and negativity about their brand. Truth is – whatever’s being said, there’s a lot for you to learn and work with from what’s being said.

Here are just a few of those advantages.

Naturally occurring

Word of mouth marketing isn’t a new phenomenon. There’s a lot of conversation about how it’s taking place through social media because it’s new and exciting for us to watch and discuss, but word of mouth’s been happening for a long time. Casual conversations about products and services has been taking place not just online, but in homes, stores, and pretty much anywhere people gather and interact.

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July 2, 2014

The Best Customer Service Stories Reveal What Clients Really Want

Best Customer Service StoriesWhat do the best customer service stories have to teach us? A lot, if we look close enough.

Customer service is a bit of a nightmare for a lot of brands. Without a cohesive strategy and the right training, more than a few customers are going to have a rocky experience, which is the last thing you want happening. Our best customer service stories show us what’s important to our clients, which includes feeling listened to, a friendly attitude, and actually having the problem taken care of.

Attitude is key

What makes a great attitude? Friendly, upbeat. Ready and willing to help. It makes a huge difference in customer service. Keeping your team interested and invested in what they’re doing means rewarding and encouraging their performance behind the scenes. Without acknowledging a job well done, you’re letting your team start feeling unappreciated, which will show through in their work. Give them incentive to keep doing a great job, and you’ll continue seeing results.

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July 1, 2014

Video Product Reviews: Tips and Tricks to Keep Viewers Tuned In

Video Product ReviewsWe have video product reviews best practices to give you a hand with your campaign. It’s easier than ever to grab a smartphone and start shooting video, but there are a few details about how to pull it all together to make a video product review viewers will appreciate and want to watch. More than aesthetics, a great video will be informative and honest about the product, which will keep viewers tuning in and trusting the feedback of reviewers.

Tips for shooting
Ditch the script

The point of video product reviews is that they’re coming from consumers, not hired actors who read from a prepared script. Posture, tone, and word choice are things that viewers will pick up on. They’re looking to hear honest reviews from people just like them.

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