November 30, 2015

4 Video Testimonial Advantages to Consider

4 Video Testimonial Advantages to ConsiderVideo marketing is an incredible digital marketing tactic that can reinforce any strategy, no matter the industry or products.

Video testimonials, video interviews, and product highlight videos are just a few types of video marketing styles, each with its own unique benefits and advantages.

Video testimonials have long been one of the most effective video marketing tactics, as it helps build customer awareness, educate customers about a product or service, and develops trust.

Here are four advantages of video testimonials to consider as you begin to plan your video marketing efforts.

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November 25, 2015

Embark on a Creative Marketing Adventure: A Beginner’s Guide to Video Marketing

Embark on a Creative Marketing Adventure: A Beginner’s Guide to Video MarketingAre you on the lookout for a fun, effective way to gain exposure for your business?

With all the hype surrounding online marketing, it should come as no surprise that it’s six times more effective than traditional advertising.

But did you know people are more likely to watch a video about a product than they are to actually read a piece of content about it? That means you’re likely to increase sales with a promotional video than you are without one.

But before you begin exploring this “new terrain,” it’s important to tread carefully and keep these video marketing tips in mind to help you navigate along the journey.

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November 23, 2015

5 Actionable Video Testimonial Tips

5 Actionable Video Testimonial TipsBecause of the increasing popularity of social media and review sites, having customers voice their honest opinions of a brand’s product or services in a natural way is an integral part of an effective digital marketing strategy.

But it’s not just their voices.

Your customer’s faces, personalities, stories, emotions, and achievements are all things that can’t be captured in an article or blog post.

But user-generated video testimonials, on the other hand, provide a perfect way to show prospects how well your product or service works by offering authentic testimonials straight from the mouths of current customers.

Need actionable video testimonial tips that you can easily apply right now?

No worries, we have you covered.

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November 19, 2015

3 Types of Questions that Lead to Powerful Customer Testimonial Videos

3 Types of Questions that Lead to Powerful Customer Testimonial VideosCustomer testimonials are a powerful tool to increase the value, success, and longevity of a company. Testimonial videos are vital to assuring your customers that the testimony is genuine and believable, but not all videos are created equal. Here are 3 types of questions that lead to compelling and powerful customer testimonial videos.

The Problem

Ask the customer what their life was like before they found the product. What was the problem or need that led to them searching for a solution? It’s most beneficial if this leads to a discussion on the how they found your product and the immediate benefits they began to notice upon purchase. Most likely, the people viewing your testimonial video are suffering a similar problem and are already searching for a solution.

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November 16, 2015

Effective Customer Testimonial Forms: Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t

Effective Customer Testimonial Forms: Everything You Need, Nothing You Don'tSo, you want to effectively leverage customer testimonials on your website. Great! You’re on the way to strengthening your brand and building your client base, because testimonials are one of the most high-impact ways to convert leads. Video testimonials aren’t “salesy”; they don’t turn clients off with heavy-handed, questionable advertising; and they build trust because other real people are backing your product or service. And if anything sways peoples’ opinions, it’s the opinions of others. In fact, some statistics site that word of mouth is responsible for 20-50% of all purchasing decisions.

The next question to ask yourself is, how can you create the perfect customer testimonial form, with everything you need, and nothing you don’t? The testimonial template you provide your customers is vital in determining the quality of the testimonial, and even the attitude your customers approach it with. While the features of a killer customer testimonial form will vary depending on your product, service, target demographic, and the style of your brand, there are some basic elements that hold true across all testimonials. Here are some tips for crafting a great testimonial form, to gain the most leverage from your happy clients’ feedback.

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November 12, 2015

Why a Website with Video Testimonials Will Convert More Leads

3 Reasons Why Video Testimonials Will Convert More LeadsWe’re not telling you anything new: in today’s digital environment, your website is and should be the centerpiece of your digital marketing efforts. That means optimizing your website for your visitors is crucial, especially if you are looking for it as an inbound marketing and lead generation tool.

And as it turns out, including video testimonials on your site will significantly help you in that regard! Here are 3 reasons why video testimonials will convert more leads.

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