4 More Video Marketing Trends to Expect in 2016

4 More Video Marketing Trends to Expect in 2016We don't mean to sound like a broken record, but big changes are coming for video marketing in 2016. As mentioned, 2015 has seen a significant rise in online video views, including video ads. 2016 will see an even bigger increase in the number of videos viewed - many of which will be customer video testimonials. Below are four more video marketing trends that will contribute to this increase.
1. More people will look to video as an online means of communication.
With the new innovations in Facebook’s video platform such as Live streaming (see below) and 360 degree VR-like viewing, more people will watch not videos not only on Facebook videos but also on competing platforms. According to Fastcompany.com, “Last year, Facebook more than doubled its daily video views to 8 billion. . . Twitter launched native video of its own in 2015, while Snapchat now reports 6 billion daily video views in its own right. In total, adult users now consume a total of 66 minutes of online video each and every day.” It says this total will rise significantly in 2016.
2. More people will be viewing video on their mobile devices.
As technology’s rate of development rises, so will that of apps and, therefore, more online activity will be performed from mobile devices. According to imediaconnection.com, “We live in an age of ever-increasing mobility, and marketers should take heed. . . . In 2014, mobile data traffic alone was almost 30 times greater than that of the entire internet in 2000 and 55 percent of that traffic was attributed to people watching videos. Mobile video doesn't make up a huge chunk of advertising spend yet, but it's growing fast. Experts expect mobile video ad revenue to top $4.4 billion in the U.S. by the year 2018.”
3. Facebook will become a major video source at YouTube-level or higher.
According to Fast Company, in 2014 Facebook's daily views of video rose above those of YouTube. Bizreport even claims that “Facebook will have 20 billion video views a day by the end of 2016 and brands must get ready.” Because Facebook is a website where users can personalize their posts, it will cater more to customizable ads, including video.
4. Live streaming video will become more common in social media.
Live streaming video became extremely popular in 2015, largely due to Facebook opening up its Live feature to general users, allowing people to share their individual experiences on social media as they occur in real-time. The other well-known live streaming platforms that have become popular this year are Twitter's two properties: Periscope and Meerkat. According to Entrepreneur.com, “As more brands join and use apps like Periscope and Meerkat, it’s becoming clear that live streaming will play a major role in digital and social marketing in the coming months and years.” This will be a major opportunity for live customer testimonials. The above social media and online video marketing trends will create more options for personalizing ads, including customer testimonials. Because of that, customer testimonial advertising will go more mainstream in 2016. Now, all aboard!