October 14, 2016

15 Video Testimonial Campaign Ideas for Elections

15 Video Testimonial Campaign Ideas for ElectionsJudging from the way bumper stickers and yard signs are blooming, it must be election season. While these devices have been perennial favorites for generations, it’s no surprise that online advertising has quickly becoming the new preferred medium for many campaigns.

Think about it – voting is an emotional-laden decision.  If you want to influence the way viewers perceive a candidate, you must connect with them emotionally.  Multimedia content tends to trigger emotions better than other mediums, and video testimonials are right at the epicenter of this growing digital marketing trend.

So what are some video testimonial campaign ideas for elections? Remember, when putting together any type of video testimonial campaign, it’s important to first have your specific goals outlined. From raising awareness for a candidate to recruiting volunteers or activists or encouraging constituents to vote, election videos can be used for many purposes.
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