June 12, 2014

3 Benefits of Word of Mouth Marketing

Benefits Of Word Of Mouth MarketingThe benefits of word of mouth marketing

Putting the focus on what consumers have to say about your brand can mean relying less on advertising that your fans aren’t as easy to trust. We’re all used to being bombarded by images, text, and ads asking for our trust without giving us much reason to.

Word of mouth marketing can seem a little scary because it means handing over a certain amount of control over to the people who are interacting with your brand. They’re the ones who are going to be driving that conversation, getting the word out about how they feel about what you do and why.

If you feel super nervous about giving them that control, it could be an indicator that you have some internal work to do to make sure your brand is operating at its best.

Making meaningful changes

Word of mouth marketing is all about hearing real, honest feedback about what you do. Part of the fear I mentioned about giving up control has to do with potentially hearing some of the negative things people have to say.

None of us like hearing about screw ups, especially when they’re being talked about publicly, But that fear shouldn’t be holding you back from engaging and benefiting from word of mouth marketing. If you’re initial response is to be terrified of the kind of feedback you’re going to receive, it probably means you have some work to do on your brand.

There is a huge plus side to hearing the good, bad, and ugly about your brand, and that’s the way you can address what needs to be worked on. Being open about taking feedback and making positive changes will bolster faith in your brand and what you do.

Which leads to the next point.

Fans know you care

The importance of your team’s willingness to take constructive feedback and turn it into an opportunity to grow and make changes can’t be overstated. Negative comments or a poor run-in with your brand all demonstrate changes that need to happen.

When your team acknowledges the problem and then actively works to solve it, you’re showing that you care about the experience of your customers, and actually making them the priority.

This strategy requires dedication to excellence. It’s all about making promises you deliver on and understanding how you can do better for your brand, and the people who matter most – your users.

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