July 30, 2015

3 Common Misconceptions About Getting Testimonials from Customers

3 Common Misconceptions About Getting Testimonials from CustomersGetting from Point A to Point B can sometimes seem like an intimidating process when it comes to achieving your business goals  especially when asking your customers to vouch for your product or service. 

But despite what you may think, actually getting testimonials from customers doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

Here are three common misconceptions that we’d like to put to rest:

1. “My customers won’t be willing to invest the time to do this.”

Yes, this can be true – but only if you go about it the wrong way.

For instance, think about those (often pesky) online surveys we’re prompted to fill out after making a purchase. Even if you’re over the moon about the product or service, how likely are you to fill it out if there are 20 open-ended questions that are all mandatory? Probably not as likely compared to a survey with half the amount of questions! 

Be sure to ask the important questions, but simplify them in a concise way. This will ensure you get the most valuable feedback and responses, as well as demonstrate that you value your customers’ time.

2. “My customers won’t participate without some sort of incentive.”

Offers and incentives can definitely entice customers to sing your praises. However, this doesn’t always have to be your main tactic when it comes to getting those coveted testimonials.

Keep the idea of offering an incentive in exchange for testimonials on the back burner (especially if you’re operating with a limited budget.) We’ve found that more often than not, customers need little motivation to “go to bat” for your organization or brand after they’ve had a positive experience.  

3. “Written testimonials are easier to get from our customers than video testimonials.”

That depends on the customer. While some might be more comfortable writing a text-based review or testimonial, some customers might be more inclined to record a short video if their time is limited, or if they aren’t sure how to frame a written response. (Another important consideration: Keep in mind that video testimonials tend to be more visually appealing to prospects than large blocks of text. The more engaging your approach, the better your results.) 

Not matter which path you take, be sure to ask the right questions since this will provide the guidance your customers need to submit their testimonials. 

What other hesitations do you have about getting customer testimonials? Comment and let us know!

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