December 10, 2014

3 Easy Ways You Can Boost Video Testimonial Effectiveness

Video Testimonial EffectivenessWhat’s the secret behind video testimonial effectiveness? We know there’s a lot of power in allowing consumers to hear from their peers about brands, rather than trying to do all the talking, ourselves.

As effective as they are, there are some small ways you can give the testimonials you have a boost to make sure they’re having the biggest impact.

Keeping it organic

The best video testimonials are the ones that don’t sound salesy. There’s no marketing jargon, or bland descriptors like, best deal ever. Brands find themselves getting into trouble when they deviate from guiding their clients, about things like how a testimonial should be formatted, to time limits, and start actively coaching them or strongly influencing them on what they should say.

The reason testimonials are effective at all is because they aren’t like other marketing efforts that come from the inside, where we’re in charge of what’s being said, and how. Strip testimonials of the fresh, honest feedback that drives them, and the question becomes – why bother doing them at all?

Keep it organic by not becoming too involved in what’s being said. Let their thoughts, and the ensuing conversation unfold naturally for best results.

The right display

Brand continuity – which includes choosing an overall design, layout, and colors that match your brand’s presence on and offline is important. Done the right way, consumers will be able to pick you out based on some of those identifiers, alone.

You can still keep up brand continuity on your video testimonial page without sacrificing the accessibility for members or your audience who aren’t so tech savvy. While it’s great to have a page that looks slick and stands out, your page should allow the testimonials to do the talking, rather than relying on a layout that makes navigation difficult and detracts from the power of what your clients have to say.

Updating when appropriate

Asking for video testimonials, as part of your marketing tool belt, isn’t done when you hit a certain number. You may have ten, twenty, or more videos, but they’re only effective when they highlight the journey your brand has been on.

If you roll out a new feature or want to highlight a change in your product or service that prospective clients can get excited about – you have to keep asking and keep receiving video that’ll effectively discuss and show that growth. Older videos, while still relevant if they touch on awesome aspects of your brand that are timeless, should be balanced with new video, where your brand can shine as it is, instead of focusing on the past.

Video Testimonial Success