July 9, 2015

3 Engaging Testimonial Video Examples to Inspire Your Next Campaign

Video testimonials from actual customers bring a level of authenticity that written case studies just can’t match.

You may think it can be difficult to get quality video testimonials from your customers, or aren’t sure what makes a good customer video testimonial to begin with, but the best testimonial videos all have one thing in common—details.

As for what kinds of details your customers should provide, here are three customer testimonial video examples that not only include plenty of specifics, they also show just how powerful customer video testimonials can be:

1. Time to Hire

Simple and to the point, this customer describes her experience with Time to Hire, a sales staff recruitment service.

Not only does she describe the outcome and results of enlisting this service in detail, but she also provides background into what brought her to Time to Hire. This makes her testimonial appear more genuine and meaningful, since she shares her complete experience with the company from start to finish.

Encourage your customers to share additional background information when recording their testimonials. While it may seem minimal, the additional context can significantly help build trust with those prospective leads who want to learn more about your product or service.

2. Community Tax Relief

This customer discusses his experience using the tax firm, Community Tax Relief.

What makes this testimonial video so engaging is the customer’s ability to make his situation relatable to viewers, and how he urges those in similar situations to enlist their services to help resolve their tax issues as well.

Instead of asking your customers to say whether they’d recommend your product or service in their videos, encourage them to also specify why. This leads to more detailed responses and more powerful language that can help establish a greater sense of urgency with viewers.

3. City Lights

More often than not when it comes to product reviews, the testimonial itself appears forced or scripted.

Again, this is another great example of what an authentic customer testimonial should look like, since she discusses what brought her to the City Lights product, her results after several weeks of use and that she’ll continue to use the product.

This customer also had the product in her hand throughout the video, which made her review seem more real and engaging.

Ask your customers to include a shot of the product within their testimonial to provide added credibility and authenticity to their claims.

Remember, the more detailed your customer testimonial videos are, the more engaging they’ll be. And the more engaging your customer testimonial videos are, the more authentic, credible and trustworthy your brand becomes.

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