May 12, 2016

3 More Video Editing Tools to Enhance Your Testimonial Footage (Part 2)

3 More Video Editing Tools to Enhance Your Testimonial Footage (Part 2)Video testimonials are an important way of showcasing your business, since they show examples of real, satisfied customers enjoying your product or service. Because they show real people talking about your products in their own words, video testimonials are typically more credible than many other types of advertisements.

While it’s important your video testimonials maintain that authentic feel, occasionally a few light edits to your testimonial footage may be needed. We recently posted some great options for video editing software, but those aren’t the only ones out there. Here are a few more video editing tools worth considering:

AVS Video Editor (Windows)

This Windows-based video editing software by Online Media Technologies allows you to modify, combine and edit user videos, with built-in support for a variety of file formats, resolutions and video compression algorithms. AVS Video Editor is offered as an unlimited free version. (You can also purchase it for $59 to gain access to the manufacturer’s other software products.)

Final Cut Pro (Mac)

This famous video editing software for Mac provides easy, seamless editing of videos. Final Cut Pro works well with any video format that is compatible with QuickTime. Because the software is from Apple, Final Cut Pro integrates well into the Apple “ecosystem.” Final Cut Pro costs $299.

Lightworks (Windows, Macintosh, Linux)

Lightworks is one of the few video editing systems that’s compatible with Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. The ability to work with so many operating systems is a benefit to companies where different employees use different kinds of computers. In addition to the usual video editing capabilities, Lightworks offers multi-cam editing and a selection of real-time effects. Lightworks works with a wide variety of video formats and is available in both free and “Pro” versions.

Video testimonials are a great way to build customer trust in your business. Whatever your needs may be, there’s a video editing software available to you.

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