3 More Video Marketing Experts to Follow on Twitter

3 More Video Marketing Experts to Follow on TwitterAs most companies are keenly aware, video and digital marketing is an ever-changing world. Social media is a fine way to assess the current pulse of various ongoing trends, particularly in the use of video marketing experts. Very often, sites like Twitter can provide a clear insight into cutting-edge innovators who are also leading influencers. While we brought you a few of these industry savants recently, there are still plenty of other video marketing experts out there worth following:
John Shahidi (@john)
One stand-out persona would be John Shahidi, who is the CEO of Shots (a popular mobile app for selfies). Shahidi has amassed a large following of over 300,000, and is often one of the leading sources of current events articles, which he regularly retweets or shares. This approach helps to provide quick promotion for his information, which allows his clients to enjoy reaching a broad audience in a short period.
Rand Fishkin (@randfish)
Another prominent marketer and Twitter guru is Rand Fishkin. He also has a substantial following (over 200,000 followers), and his dedication to information, as well as the marketing success of his clients, has led most of his followers to re-share much of his online information. By allowing customers to do the talking, the video marketing for Fishkin's company, along with any others he promotes, is able to reach a vast audience quickly.
Mike Street (@MrMikeStreet)
Lastly, the work of Mike Street has also attracted much attention. As a premier podcaster, Street produces a weekly series for his customers called Smart Brown Voices, and his to-the-point narratives provide clear and effective video advertisements for his patrons. Success in the world of video marketing relies upon being engaging, drawing an audience, and maintaining current clients while seeking out fresh ones as well. With strong testimonials such as software and a dedicated audience, businesses who use video marketing combined with social media are firmly set on a path to ongoing accomplishments!