3 Must-Read Video Marketing Best Practices

3 Must-Read Video Marketing Best PracticesVideo marketing is the single best way to give your customers a visual representation and demonstration of your products. Video marketing, and customer video testimonials in particular, allow customers to take a product or service on a virtual test run without having to speak with a sales rep who's only pushing the customer to make a purchase. In short, video marketing let's customers learn more about a product on their own time. And adding videos to both YouTube and your website increases your Google SERP ranking as well as transparency levels, making your brand seem more trustworthy and authoritative. So whether you're making a video using an old camcorder, a webcam, or you have an experienced video marketer helping you out, these three video marketing best practices should always be top-of-mind.
1. Do your research
Some may say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and while you definitely don't want to just flat-out copy what your competitors are doing, you need to conduct research. Part of conducting video marketing research involves looking at what the competition is doing and then set out to do it BETTER.
  • Look over your competitors' YouTube channels. Are they using the regular default design or are their banners and other design elements completely customized to fit their brand?
  • Check out their video selection. Do they offer several playlists composed of dozens of in-depth videos, or are there just a couple of videos they uploaded four years ago?
  • Do they interact with their customers through the YouTube comments section, or is it apparent that they don't place much emphasis on customer engagement?
2. Don't forget SEO
Over the years videos have become an integral part to search engines and their page results. In fact, videos consist of over 70% of the search engine results for the top 100 universal listings. By optimizing your videos for the search engines, you greatly increase the chances of search engine users finding your videos. Just like a websites posts and pages, videos should be optimized with relevant keywords within titles, descriptions and meta data.
3. Repurpose your content
Creating well-crafted videos that get a lot of views, increase customer interaction, and generate leads should stand the test of time. So use your most popular videos as leverage! These videos can also help you create other forms of valuable and engaging content:
  • Creating transcript texts for your most popular videos significantly enhances the videos value by giving you an added element of on-page SEO. Video transcripts can also be used to place quotes in press releases and other promotional marketing material.
  • Videos can be repurposed as "audio-only podcasts" on iTunes and other podcasting platforms. This helps create another marketing channel that allows you to widen your audience reach.
  • Use your videos to create still images. Post these images on social media outlets with a description and link pointing back to the original video.
What other video marketing best practices would you add to the list? Comment and let us know!