February 7, 2014

3 Smart Locations To Place Your Video Testimonial Recorder

Video Testimonial RecorderNow that you’ve made the decision to receive video testimonials, where are you going to place your video testimonial recorder? Rather than making satisfied clients hunt for a link or page where they can access the recorder, it’s better to place it in multiple locations that make sense.

Here are 3 smart locations for your video testimonial recorder:

Social media

Placing your recorder here is a must. Think about the type of engagement your brand is doing on Facebook. If you’re connecting with your clients by providing relevant information, or addressing customer service concerns – you’re setting the stage to receive great content!

You’re also making it easy on clients. By allowing them to access the recorder via social media, shoot quick video that gets delivered to you, you’re upping the chance they’d be willing to do another testimonial in the future. No one wants to go through a complex process. So bring your testimonial recorder to them, and watch the great results pour in!


Where do you receive customer feedback on your website? There can be a negative association linked with feedback. The ghost of customer service gone wrong can linger for any brand, so why not replace that negativity by re-vamping your customer service, and including a link to your recorder?

This placement, similar to on social media pages, just makes sense. Good or bad, feedback is valid and important. Strive for good feedback, but also keep the bad in mind so your brand can do better.


Your blog is a great place to call for video testimonials. Chances are, if you don’t promote the fact that you’re looking for testimonials, you aren’t going to get many. It’s up to you and your team to get in the habit of reaching out to clients for content, but reminders via email and blog posts can serve as a great follow up or reminder.

Make the announcement on your blog, including a link to the recorder. That way you can share the post on social media and spread the word about your new campaign!

It’s up to you to play around with placement, and make the decision about what seems to be working best for your brand. It’s a good idea to keep track of which locations bring in the most video testimonials so you can determine what is and isn’t working, and go from there to adjust accordingly.

Video Testimonial Success