November 28, 2014

3 Things About Video Testimonials For Business Your Boss Should Know

Video Testimonials For BusinessHaving a little trouble reaching your boss about using video testimonials for business? There can be a lot of reasons for their resistance. Sometimes it’s discomfort with change, or simply not knowing enough about what makes video testimonials so powerful.

Either way, if it’s your job to do the convincing, here’s what they need to know.

Video does what text can’t

Text testimonials an only do so much. They don’t jump off the page, or offer a glimpse at a real consumer who has taken the time to talk about what your business gets right.

The key is that text has its limits. When it’s shared, a wall of text is more likely to turn consumers off, compared to video, which they can watch and then share with family and friends on social media. There’s also the issue of speculation about whether or not text reviews are written by consumers or your business. Plenty of brands have taken a hit after trying to write their own testimonials, usually loaded with generic praise, which consumers sniff out with ease.

Video cuts through that suspicion by connecting consumers with who they want to hear from most – each other.

Consumers want to hear from their peers

It’s no great mystery why consumers look to each other for cues on where to invest their time and money. If your brand is talking itself up from within, consumers are most likely going to be turned off. Of course you believe in your brand and want them to work with you! That’s a no-brainer.

While a business that brags about what a great job it does isn’t likely to inspire much trust from consumers, when your clients take the time to record a testimonial for you to display, it gets the attention of other consumers who want to make sure they’re making a wise investment.

Not only that, but testimonials are more likely to hit on the points that are important to consumers:

What problem does your brand solve? What do you get right that your industry peers fall short on? Why should other consumers work with you? What notable features come with your service?

These are just some of the questions consumers need answered, and who better to get them from than clients who have used your services and have plenty to say?

It’s budget-friendly marketing

Video production isn’t what it used to be, especially in the case of testimonials. Instead of shelling out big bucks for equipment, or having to hire people who know how to use it – testimonials can be recorded anywhere from in offices, at kitchen tables, to inside a coffee shop.

It’s as easy as utilizing video software, which allows clients to record from their computer, tablet, phone or other device. They can find the link on your website, or download an app and do it on-the-go. The point is that it’s not just budget-friendly, which is a huge point in its favor, but it’s also user-friendly.

If you have to nail your pitch in favor of video testimonials for business down in one line, let it be this:

Video offers creative solutions rather than boxing businesses in.

From testimonials to video campaigns – video can accomplish great things and allow you to engage consumers and existing clients in new ways. It can be difficult to bring out bosses around to change, but the truth about what they’re potentially missing out on could be the thing to do just that!

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