November 19, 2015

3 Types of Questions that Lead to Powerful Customer Testimonial Videos

3 Types of Questions that Lead to Powerful Customer Testimonial VideosCustomer testimonials are a powerful tool to increase the value, success, and longevity of a company. Testimonial videos are vital to assuring your customers that the testimony is genuine and believable, but not all videos are created equal. Here are 3 types of questions that lead to compelling and powerful customer testimonial videos.

The Problem

Ask the customer what their life was like before they found the product. What was the problem or need that led to them searching for a solution? It’s most beneficial if this leads to a discussion on the how they found your product and the immediate benefits they began to notice upon purchase. Most likely, the people viewing your testimonial video are suffering a similar problem and are already searching for a solution.


Have customers define what they feel is the best feature about the product. In addition, customers should expand on why your product stood out among the competition. It’s highly unlikely that there is not a product that claims similar benefits already on the market, but elaborating on what differentiates your product allows potential customers to save time and effort testing multiple products.


It’s beneficial to leave a little room in the video for improvisation. Asking an open-ended question about the customer’s expectations about the product and the company allows the customer to show off their personality and experience. Some customers may choose to focus on the physical benefits of a product while others will choose to highlight the exceptional customer service they received.

Creating genuine customer testimonial videos that potential customers can relate to is vital to ensuring your videos are a powerful marketing tool. Framing your questions in a way that emphasizes the benefits of your product or service while allowing your customer’s personality to shine through creates an emotional connection with your audience.

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