April 14, 2016

3 Video Editing Tools to Help Enhance Your Testimonial Footage

3 Video Editing Tools to Help Enhance Your Testimonial FootageSo you have hours upon hours of footage detailing all of the wonderful things your product or service does in the form of customer testimonials.

However, you can’t always just throw all that unedited video up on your website and call it a day. And while unedited video testimonials can appear more authentic, sometimes a few minor tweaks are needed before uploading or promoting your content.

That said, here are three video editing tools that can help you create your finished product.

1. Microsoft Movie Maker

If you have a tight video budget, an advantage to using Movie Maker is the free software download. The software itself is fairly rudimentary. Once you upload the unedited footage, you can perform basic edits such as splitting and cropping footage and rearranging clips. Adjusting the volume of the audio in the raw footage is simple, but your audio controls are also limited. This software does allow you to add a single track of audio for background music and add transitions between clips.

2. iMovie

Another tool for a tight budget, iMovie comes free on newer Mac computers and only costs $14.99 for older models. Similar to Movie Maker, iMovie provides all of the basic editing you would expect in an editing software, including cropping, splitting, and rearranging. However, iMovie also offers a green screen effect. The effect is simple to use and can help add some depth (or humor) to your videos. iMovie is also available as an app for IOS devices, but the app is much more limited than the desktop version.

3. Camtasia

Camtasia is available for both PC and Mac, but it costs $299.00 for Windows and $99.00 for Mac. One of the major advantages to using Camtasia over the free software is the editing options. Not only do you have a green screen effect, you also have visual tools that allow for manipulation of light, size, and orientation. Other features are multiple track options which allow you to layer video and audio. Even with the advanced options, the layout of the program is fairly user-friendly.

No matter which tools you choose, remember to keep that raw, authentic feel to your videos in order to resonate with your prospects. Less is more!

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