September 17, 2015

Getting Started: 3 Video Testimonial Questions to Ask Your Customers

Getting Started: 3 Video Testimonial Questions to Ask Your CustomersYou know what can be intimidating? Creating your very first video testimonial campaign – especially creating good video testimonial questions to ask your clients or customers.

Luckily we’ve simplified the account setup process for our customers. But even the most seasoned content marketing gurus can experience roadblocks when they reach that second step of customizing the recorder language.

After all, the way you phrase your questions can not only significantly impact the number of submissions you receive, but also the quality of your submissions. 

Here are three examples of good video testimonial questions and reasons why you should ask them:

1. How was your experience with [company name]?

You might think asking this question goes without saying, but all too often the word “experience” isn’t included, which can be a critical error.

Why exactly? Asking your customers about their experiences will likely result in more descriptive testimonials and explanations why they enjoyed your product or working with your organization. 

2. Which feature(s) were your favorite(s) and why?

Even if you aren’t unveiling or looking to spotlight any new features, it’s still important to ask! By asking each client or customer who records a video testimonial for their favorites, you’ll never get the same answer twice, resulting in more quality, authentic submissions to showcase and promote.

Also, note the last word with this question. Even if you think it might be implied that your customers will explain what they like best about your product or service, don’t always assume that they’ll go more in depth with their responses. After all, detailed explanations or specifics included in your video testimonial responses can help a prospect decide whether they’ll become a paying customer or continue to research other options. 

3. What did you think of our [customer support/sales team]?

An often overlooked question in video testimonial campaigns, this question is a critical one to ask since it brings all the pieces together for your showcasing your product or service.

Your brand or organization may be the best out there, but a customer discussing how your team helped to troubleshoot an issue or how your product or service was able to solve their problem quickly and efficiently will better distinguish you from the competition. 

Still feeling stuck? Remember to always keep in mind how you want each response to appeal to prospective customers or clients, and this will help inspire new and unique questions to ask when creating your campaign.

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