3 Ways To Become A Video Marketing Expert And Impress Your Boss

Video Marketing ExpertWe have 3 ways to become a video marketing expert and impress your boss. It can feel a little intimidating to attempt to just dive in to something new, especially when you're feeling the pressure from a boss or other co-workers for it to go well. So before you put together your first campaign, start by making it your mission to learn as much as possible. Lucky for you, there are tons of online resources, so it's easier than you think.

Follow the best of the best

There's always a lot of talk about the difference between following conversation, as opposed to generating it. The idea being that it's more valuable, especially on social media, to be the one starting a conversation rather than following passively. While it's true that reaching out to start conversations is highly rewarding, there's something to be said about putting in the time to learn before you take to the web to start spreading your knowledge. When you're just starting out, it's okay to follow along to see what video marketing veterans have to say before you jump in to contribute. The best way to follow along or start chiming is by checking out video marketing experts on their blogs and other sites like Twitter. We have a list of blogs you can check out to get started.

Learn from other campaigns

Part of teaching yourself about video marketing involves taking a look at what works and what falls flat in other campaigns. You'll want to have an understanding about what marketers are doing around you, so you'll know how you can avoid their mistakes. More than that, you'll be able to contribute what you've learned to improve the campaigns you're working on. You can put a campaign together and come out alright without that knowledge base, but if you're looking to knock it out of the park, you'll need to start paying attention and learning what you can through careful study of what others have done before you. It can also have the added benefit of keeping your ideas fresh. If you know what's already been done, you can avoid boring your viewers.

Trial and error

You can do all the reading and observing you want, but the true test of what you're learning comes when you put together your own campaign. You're thinking, Hey, this isn't going to impress my boss! I'm still learning! Really, the way to impress your boss is by applying what you've learned and holding yourself to high standards, especially when you're faced with an unfamiliar situation. Campaigns are full of learning opportunities, and when you find that you're in over your head, or something doesn't work out as smoothly as you planned, the way you handle it says a lot about you. Following the thoughts and advice of industry leaders and other campaigns is an excellent way to learn. But don't forget to apply what you're taking in, and to be on your best behavior in the process.