November 8, 2013

3 Ways User Generated Videos Boost Your Marketing Strategy

User Generated Video Marketing Strategy

No matter what product or service your business offers, the key to culminating an effective marketing strategy has everything to do with keeping up with the constant shift and growth of technology.

One of the leaders in marketing right now, and for the foreseeable future, is user generated video. And for good reason! Video is versatile, but more than that, it caters to the growing number of online users who view and share video content. And with social media platforms making it easier than ever to share, businesses are catching on and engaging with and finding consumers in new, exciting ways.

Here at Bravo, we talk a lot about the importance of utilizing video testimonials, in particular. Not only because they bolster credibility, but also because they reflect a genuine relationship with your clients, something that prospective clients want to see. If you already use video testimonials as part of your marketing strategy, it’s time to take a look at how else you can incorporate user generated video.

Product Reviews

Before making an online purchasing decision, consumers are looking for reassurance about how they’re choosing to spend their money. Text reviews have become common-place as a means to ease some of the apprehension consumers feel. More and more, businesses are finding that text reviews are being skimmed over, or, worse still, consumers are suspicious that reviews are being paid for.

With product review videos, consumers are able to connect with a fellow consumer who chose to invest their money in your business. This can increase trust and loyalty among consumers and instead of being skeptical about where the review is coming from, they’re put at ease. Additionally, if they like what they see, they might even be inclined to share the video. Which is a huge plus, and something text reviews can’t accomplish!

Customer Support

Whether we like it or not, problems happen. Some problems happen more often than others. How your business responds to problems, big or small, says a lot about your business overall and sets the tone for your clients. Rather than sit back and field customer support, maybe it’s time to create a series of videos to troubleshoot the common, easy-fix issues that users are reporting.

Of course, not everything can be fixed thanks to a handful of videos, no matter how great they are. Since this is the case, you can also allow clients to send in a video when they need to report a service issue. Some businesses have utilized a live chat format, and others accept video submissions in lieu of text reports. Both options allow clients to speak clearly and really articulate the problem they’re experiencing, creating less confusion and allowing you to provide faster support because you’ll have a better, thorough understanding of the issue.

Consumers will appreciate the innovation you bring to a process that, depending on the business and how they handle customer support, can be mildly irritating and make it much easier of them.

Video Contests

Thanks to device portability and the ease of capturing video, expensive contests are a thing of the past. Consumers can film video anywhere, with their mobile devices, and as long as you provide the incentive for them to do so, it’s a great way to get people involved with what’s happening with your brand. Aside from giving out a prize and drawing attention to your business, consumers will be watching the way your business conducts itself during the contest.

If your rules are unclear or you don’t deliver of the prize you’re offering because of a lower pool of entrants than you anticipated, you can expect that consumers will take note. Which is why having a smooth, fun, and altogether enjoyable contest can do a lot for your business, now and in the long run. Submissions don’t need to go viral for it to be considered a success. As long as you’re bringing about awareness for your brand, engaging consumers, and acting on your best behavior contests can be a valuable marketing strategy.

The best marketing strategies are always evolving. Failures should be studies and successes should be celebrated, but in either case, marketing involves a lot of thinking and planning ahead. User generated video has been keeping businesses on their toes to develop fresh, successful ideas to catch and keep consumer interest.

How does your business utilize user generated video? Drop us a comment and let us know.

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