July 3, 2014

3 Word of Mouth Marketing Advantages

Word Of Mouth Marketing AdvantagesThere’s a lot of buzz around word of mouth marketing advantages. Like it or not, there’s conversation taking place out there about what your brand does, and how well you do it. Some brands shy away from the idea of tapping into word of mouth conversation.

The main concern seems to be that, in doing so, they’ll open the floodgates to reveal criticism and negativity about their brand. Truth is – whatever’s being said, there’s a lot for you to learn and work with from what’s being said.

Here are just a few of those advantages.

Naturally occurring

Word of mouth marketing isn’t a new phenomenon. There’s a lot of conversation about how it’s taking place through social media because it’s new and exciting for us to watch and discuss, but word of mouth’s been happening for a long time. Casual conversations about products and services has been taking place not just online, but in homes, stores, and pretty much anywhere people gather and interact.

The point is, on or offline, these conversations about your brand are happening. It isn’t a trend that’ll pass, but something that’ll continue to grow and change with technology. The good news is that it allows you the opportunity to decide how you want to make the effort to tap into what’s being said so you can connect with your customers.

Marketing consumers trust

With 89% of consumers stating that testimonials are the most effective content, we know for sure that consumers like hearing from one another. There’s more initial trust between consumers than between consumers and a brand they’re unfamiliar with.

Allowing them to share information about your brand and whether it’s a worthwhile investment, while facilitating some of that conversation, is a sure way to earn trust.

Bettering your product

Feedback is vital for growth and improvement. Plenty of consumers share what they love about their favorite brands. From excellent customer service, to a product that hasn’t disappointed them – they slip it into conversation or share it through social media.

Plenty of brands get a little nervous at the idea of negative feedback getting out and circulating. With 66% of brand mentions being positive, negativity isn’t as widespread as your might fear. What’s more, any negativity toward your brand or product should be heard by you. How else can you improve if you aren’t tuned in to the experiences of your clients?

The best thing you can do is take any feedback that isn’t glowing praise and use it to implement changes that your users will appreciate, which will also go a long way in cementing loyalty.

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