4 Common Video Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Video Marketing MistakesVideo has proven itself time and again as a way to reach current and new audiences. Done correctly, it can bridge the gap between consumers and their favorite brands, thanks mostly to our voracious appetite for video. We all have our video favorites, and thanks to savvy marketing efforts, we even share them so family and friends can see what we're enjoying. On the flip side, video can also go horribly wrong, which means it can have the opposite effect of what businesses are going for. We've identified some video marketing pitfalls, and what you'll want to look out for.

Content for the sake of content

Video is important. We know that, you know that. But what is your content saying? Throwing video at consumers for the sake of having video content isn't good enough. What is your video accomplishing if it doesn't serve a purpose? Think about what it is you want out of your marketing ahead of time. Your content should be fulfilling goals, like raising brand awareness, or solidifying your image. If you don't have any set goals, you'll have a hard time determining whether or not your campaign is a success.

One and done?

Like any campaign effort, video marketing requires some persistence. It would be a lot easier if you could upload one wildly successful video and be done. The reality is that businesses need to commit to staying the course. Even if you start with a solid plan, it isn't likely that you'll achieve overnight success, and that's okay. It can take awhile for content to make an impact through sharing and search result ranking. Which is why one video won't have much of an impact, or look like it's making a difference. Stick with it, and don't get discouraged early on!


We have a habit of overestimating the attention span of our viewers. Realistically, anything longer than 2 minutes is risky. Avoid longer video unless the subject matter and audience call for a longer run time. The goal should be to capture attention from the get-go, and the longer it goes on - the likelier it is that viewers are going to click away. You have a lot of great things to say. The good news is that all of it doesn't need to make it into one video. Narrow your focus. Say what you need to say without allowing viewers to lose interest.

What next?

What happens once the video ends? Specifically, what is it you want to happen? It's a lot easier for you to direct viewers if you provide a call-to-action. Brands sometimes trip at the finish line by either not include a CTA, or going overboard and hitting viewers over the head with links and messages throughout the video. Don't clutter up your video with links and flashing indicators that it's a marketing effort. It'll take away from the viewing experience, and do more harm than good by annoying your viewer. Instead, provide a link or other CTA at an appropriate moment, usually when things are wrapping up at the end.