November 30, 2015

4 Video Testimonial Advantages to Consider

4 Video Testimonial Advantages to ConsiderVideo marketing is an incredible digital marketing tactic that can reinforce any strategy, no matter the industry or products.

Video testimonials, video interviews, and product highlight videos are just a few types of video marketing styles, each with its own unique benefits and advantages.

Video testimonials have long been one of the most effective video marketing tactics, as it helps build customer awareness, educate customers about a product or service, and develops trust.

Here are four advantages of video testimonials to consider as you begin to plan your video marketing efforts.

1. Brand Credibility

Video testimonials give brands the ability to not only show off their products and prove their worth, but it’s also a chance for a business to convey their underlying goals and mission, helping prove that you genuinely care about the particular problems faced by your target customer.

The last thing you want to happen to first-time visitors is for them to be confused or unsure by your product. Video testimonials can help eliminate any confusion about how a product or service works by proving its effectiveness and helping your brand build credibility in the process.

2. All-Important Human Touch

It’s difficult for consumers to look at an online brand and its products the same way they look at brick and mortar stores that give them an in-store experience. Because of this, and because the in-store method of buying goods is the established way to purchase items, consumers tend to put more trust towards the in-store experience.

You can change their minds with a well-executed video testimonial. Video testimonials give brands an opportunity to put a face on their business, whether it’s done by loyal customers, employees or the company’s CEO, video testimonials help humanize a brand and gives consumers an easier way to relate.

3. Garner Interest

Creating a genuine and engaging video testimonial combined with a powerful sales pitch makes using video testimonials an excellent way to create interest in a brand and what they offer. Testimonials are one of the most clever ways to pitch a product or service without being overtly sales-orientated.

4. Leverage Yourself As A Leader

It’s important to showcase video testimonials that cover each of your products or services and their features and benefits. This not only makes your entire brand seem more trustworthy and transparent, but it also brings a brand a certain level of respect, and through consumer respect a brand can leverage themselves as industry leaders.

People respect a company more when they’re given genuine reviews through video as opposed to just typing up an article. A review article can be written by anyone, including the company itself, which is why being able to leverage yourself as a trustworthy leader is one of the most powerful video testimonial advantages there is.

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