November 12, 2014

4 Ways To Help Your Video Testimonial Conversion Rate

Video Testimonial Conversion RateIs your video testimonial conversion rate not looking so hot these days? We know that video has a lot of marketing power. According to ReelSEO, consumers who don’t watch the video are still “converting at a significantly higher rate” than shoppers viewing a page without video.

Why the success? In the case of video testimonials, it stems from you allowing consumers to connect with each other. To hear more than the usual salesy stuff from people who they can see themselves in when they’re figuring out what makes your brand worth investing in.

So, what happens if your video testimonial conversion rate isn’t doing so well? Does it mean that testimonials just aren’t for your brand? Before you jump to conclusions, there are a few factors you should look at. More often than not, it’s only a matter of making some minor adjustments to get you back on track.

Knowing your audience

One of the fundamentals of great video, or connecting with your audience, in general, is knowing them on more than a surface level. You probably have the basics down – highlighting the demographic you should be focusing on. But if you’re missing the details, there’s a very good chance the testimonials aren’t going to hit home.

These details include everything from the problem your brand’s going to solve for consumers, to what you can give them that your competition’s lacking. When they’re viewing the testimonials you’re displaying, they need to not only connect with the person speaking – what’s being said also needs to resonate enough to mobilize them. The only way you’re going to get that kind of content in your videos is by knowing your audience, which will allow you to ask clients who have agreed to record a video the right questions.


How are you displaying your testimonials? If you don’t have a plainly visible link – there’s your first problem. Consumers shouldn’t have to hunt or wade through clutter to find them.

Another common issue is the visual appeal. The page itself should have a tidy, simplistic design to keep the focus on content. It’s a great idea to use colors that match the logo your brand’s known for in order to keep up continuity.

Make them relevant

Keep your videos relevant. Not just the topics and questions, but also make sure they reflect what’s happening with your brand.

Rolling out a shiny new feature? Great! Invite clients to test it out and record their thoughts. New initiatives, campaigns, feature updates – have the potential for great video testimonials. If you don’t continue asking clients, and instead stick to the same handful of videos, you’re going to miss out on showing off the great work you’ve been up to.

Trying to cover too much ground

Video testimonials that attempt to cram in every detail about why your brand is great are doing more harm than good. Video that tries to hit too many points tends to lag. Or worse, the recorder will begin to ramble and go off on tangents that have nothing to do with the topic at hand.

It’s best to keep the focus on one thing – one aspect of what you do well and why your client thinks it’s worth sharing in a testimonial. Don’t try to make one video do the work of five. Keep it focused and keep viewers from clicking away in confusion.

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