June 24, 2014

4 Word of Mouth Marketing Tips

Word Of Mouth Marketing TipsIf you’ve been looking for word of mouth marketing tips – your search is over!

Let’s get back to basics and talk about what exactly drives your word of mouth reputation, now and in the long run.

Understand the part you play in your reputation

It’s important to realize as a team how you’re shaping the reputation of your brand. If you’ve heard some negative comments online or in person, what areas do they target? If it was an unfriendly team member, product/service malfunction – all of these things are fixable and speak to bigger problems at hand.

Same goes for having an outstanding reputation. Good or bad, reputations are results-oriented. If you’re uplifting your team by rewarding hard work and inspiring them to not only be good at what they do, but challenging them to do better – will come back to you.

Acknowledge and thank customers

Where would we be without our loyal customers? Nowhere.

Don’t just roll out the welcome mat when you’re trying to woo new clients. Continue making them feel special and going above and beyond for the people you work with/for. Many brands take customers for granted and forget the basics about making them feel valued and appreciated, which can have them heading for the door.

Provide top notch customer service

Instead of going on the defensive after a bad customer service encounter, always strive to be on the offensive. Offering the best service means anticipating needs and doing everything on your end to make sure the average experience of your clients is a good one.

More importantly, it also means understanding when you screw up and taking the appropriate steps to keep the same mistakes from becoming a bad habit. A lot of customer service can feel impersonal and lackluster, which doesn’t reflect well on your brand and the relationship it has with clients and prospective clients. If you fumble or encounter an example of an encounter between your team and a client that could’ve been handled better, own up to it and apologize as the first step toward righting things.

Actively seek feedback

Let your clients know that you’re looking to hear from them. Follow interactions up with a quick, painless survey or questionnaire.

Take things a step further by following feedback up with meaningful change. Making their voice heard so they feel valued is one thing, but actually going ahead to make changes shows that you’re looking out first and foremost for the customer experience.

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