November 23, 2015

5 Actionable Video Testimonial Tips

5 Actionable Video Testimonial TipsBecause of the increasing popularity of social media and review sites, having customers voice their honest opinions of a brand’s product or services in a natural way is an integral part of an effective digital marketing strategy.

But it’s not just their voices.

Your customer’s faces, personalities, stories, emotions, and achievements are all things that can’t be captured in an article or blog post.

But user-generated video testimonials, on the other hand, provide a perfect way to show prospects how well your product or service works by offering authentic testimonials straight from the mouths of current customers.

Need actionable video testimonial tips that you can easily apply right now?

No worries, we have you covered.

1. Draw prospects in at first click

Make a positive first impression on new consumers by inserting an engaging video testimonial on your website’s homepage.

2. Make your video testimonials easy to find on your website

If your product or service just happens to be truly awesome and you’ve accumulated tons of video testimonials, make sure to add a way for visitors to sort through those videos using keywords. This is an excellent tactic for brands who offer multiple products.

4. Use captions

Play around with engaging video captions to entice visitors to actually play the video, such as a compelling quote from the reviewer. Mix it up to find the type of captions that garner the most views and yield the best results.

5. Insert a call-to-action in every video

The purpose of video testimonials is to show off the true value of a product and how it can help people solve their problems. Make it easy for potential customers by inserting a call-to-action directly linked to your products, web pages or landing pages. Calls-to-action can be embedded on the actual video using a stylish, clickable annotation, or by simply inserting a link directly below the video. Use both tactics for optimal results.

5. Get social!

Don’t just hoard all of your testimonials on your website! Submit them to Vimeo and YouTube, and share them on your social networks. (Bonus tip: If you first submit the video testimonial to YouTube and then use the embed code to place the video on your website, the video will instantly be indexed and found by Google.)

Video Testimonial Success