January 14, 2016

5 Customer Testimonial Best Practices for Effective Marketing

5 Customer Testimonial Best Practices for Effective MarketingDid you know that 58% of Americans perform online research before buying a product online?

One of the most important aspects of that research is learning about the experiences of previous customers that have purchased the product they’re considering. And even though some customers will never see a testimonial in the same light as an unsolicited review on a third-party website, having testimonials available and visible can be valuable for their own research and help them to make the purchasing decision.

That said, there are a few customer testimonial best practices that all businesses should follow for the best results.

Include Picture of Customer

Customers like to put a face to the quotes and reviews they read. It might seem simple, but a picture of the previous customer can go a long way towards creating a personal connection with your audience and showing that real live customers have found your product to be valuable.

Include Brand Logos

Just like pictures, brand logos carry a certain weight with them. When a well-known brand in your industry is willing to get behind your product and endorse your company, it says a lot about how other companies that occupy the same industry view your company. When competitors or companies that offer similar services give your product positive reviews, this is powerful in the eyes of your customers.

Natural Voice

It’s important that all testimonials sound natural and not previously rehearsed. You’d be surprised at how adept the average customer is at spotting paid reviews or testimonials that look like they’re not genuine… Allow your customers to be in control of their own testimonial and provide real feedback on their experience with your company, product or service.

Stats and Figures

When relaying how your product helped your customers, try to use stats and figures to give your customers a better idea of the type of benefits that your product can provide. If you offer a B2B product that helped a business increase their monthly revenue by 13%, include that important information in the testimonial! Your customers will love to see hard data about what they can expect from your product.

Video, video, video

In the same vein as including a picture, a video takes that personal connection to the next level. A video testimonial is an excellent substitute for a face-to-face recommendation and certainly more powerful than your typical text-based quote testimonial. Although you may not be able to convince every previous customer to hop behind a camera and endorse your product, taking advantage of the opportunity when you can makes for a powerful marketing tool.

Testimonials are an excellent tool for persuading and guiding prospective customers toward the buying decision. By following these best practices, you’ll improve your marketing efforts and increase your conversion rates.

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