5 More Video Marketing Trends to Inspire Your Next Campaign

5 More Video Marketing Trends to Inspire Your Next CampaignTrends: hate them or love them, but it's more than likely that you'll follow them or pay attention to them, at the very least. Video marketing is constantly evolving and is still among the most effective ways to advertise for your business, product, or service. Being a part of such a competitive world, video marketing also falls at the hand of an ever-changing demand to be different and updated. This marketing strategy is subject to follow the current fads of the year, as well. Here are five of the biggest video marketing trends we're currently seeing:
1. Holidays
People love their holidays and they love marketing that focuses on them. Surely enough adding a Christmas tree or Fourth of July fireworks display to your advertisement will thrill the population and increase the likelihood of them wanting it.
2. Music
If it's on Billboard's Top 100, it's also more than likely in a marketing video. If you love the song, you just may love the product, right? Even more-so, people remember music. If they hear the song played in a marketing video, they will remember what it was playing for.
3. Customer Stories
People love real-life examples. If a previous consumer tells their story on video, it becomes an overall relatable product to the next, potential consumer.
4. Going Global
We live in the most tolerant, united time ever recorded in history. People just love the idea of unification. Video marketing is running with that, wholeheartedly. (Incorporating different languages into video marketing is greatly appreciated by the audience as well, if applicable.)
5. Series
While "to be continued" drives people crazy, it absolutely also leaves them eager to see what happens next. People love waiting for the next part to be revealed, after all. As previously mentioned, trends are not appreciated by everyone, but the world always sets the standard as far as what's current. Either way, it will surely be interesting to find out the direction video marketing will head next.