October 3, 2014

5 Questions for Video Testimonials That’ll Capture the Best Responses

Questions For Video TestimonialsAsking the right questions for video testimonials can play a crucial part in garnering the responses you’re looking for viewers to hear. While there’s no such thing as a bad question, sometimes there is a better way to phrase it.

The ideal questions are ones that’ll require more than a yes or no response.¬†Video testimonials give clients a chance to talk up your brand – so let them! It doesn’t look so great when you try to do the bragging, so utilize the opportunity to have other consumers hear how great you are, by asking the kind of questions that will allow clients to explain, in detail, why they love you and what you do.

The opening question

Q: What was the need or problem that you had before you started using our product or service?

What makes this question great? For one, it goes right to the core of where your value lies. It addresses the problems that bring consumers to you each day, looking for a solution and finding the insight that keeps them coming back. Without a problem or need, you wouldn’t be doing what you do.

It also allows for consumers to recognize themselves, or their problem, and take an even greater interest in what you do. It’ll become easier for them to imagine introducing your product into their life.

Digging into the details

Q: What product feature(s) did you like best?

Q: What are two other benefits of this product?

Q: Would you recommend this product? If so, why?

These questions provide more insight into your product and what it can do. Consumers want to know as much as possible about what they’re potentially investing in, and that includes any bonus features that might sweeten the deal. If you have testimonials that can easily answer these questions for them, you’re making their research and decision-making process that much easier!

Highlighting customer service

Q: What was the process like working with our company?

We all know the importance of quality customer service. We talk, write, and shout it from the rooftops enough that it should be the standard across the board. But the truth is that good, consistent customer service can be pretty rare to come by. Consumers are tickled when brands go out of their way, or go the extra mile to improve their experience because it’s so rare for them to feel like they’re the priority.

So, if your brand is consistently nailing customer service – make sure it comes up in a few testimonials! Draw attention to what you do well and let consumers know their experience is your top priority.


Q: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Give them a chance to add anything they feel is relevant. It might surprise you, in a good way, when they bring up something you hadn’t considered. That’s what testimonials are all about, after all. Allowing consumers to view your product and brand from a unique angle, one that doesn’t include a carefully crafted sales pitch.

It also shows your clients that you genuinely want to hear whatever it is they have to say, and that’s always a positive for both of you.

Video Testimonial Success