Embark on a Creative Marketing Adventure: A Beginner’s Guide to Video Marketing

Embark on a Creative Marketing Adventure: A Beginner’s Guide to Video MarketingAre you on the lookout for a fun, effective way to gain exposure for your business? With all the hype surrounding online marketing, it should come as no surprise that it's six times more effective than traditional advertising. But did you know people are more likely to watch a video about a product than they are to actually read a piece of content about it? That means you're likely to increase sales with a promotional video than you are without one. But before you begin exploring this "new terrain," it's important to tread carefully and keep these video marketing tips in mind to help you navigate along the journey.
Know your approach
There are a few directions a promotional video can go. Are you looking to inform, demonstrate, or opting for a testimonial? Deciding on which approach you'd like to take will keep you on track and help you produce the best fitting video.
Produce appealing content
Here's where you take the goal of the video and add some flair to it. Tap into your creative side and put an entertaining twist on your goal topic. Plan where the setting will be and who will make appearances. Make sure everyone is clear on the overall idea and what they're supposed to say.
Keep it short and sweet
If you've ever rolled your eyes at having to sit through a 10-minute long video, don't assume other people won't do that to you. Remember, the point in watching a video rather than reading content is to save time. So the shorter, the better.
Imperfections happen
Perfection isn't impossible, it's just very rare when everything goes completely right on the first shot, so don't expect it. And remember, your prospects want authenticity, which is what makes user-generated video testimonials so powerful.
Add a call-to-action
As fun as the video making process is, don't forget the main goal is for customers to take action. Ditch any Plain-Jane commands and make sure your call-to-action is something compelling and intriguing. Let the customer feel what you're offering is in their best interest rather than your own. After completing your video, be sure to tag it with relative keywords, upload it to your website, and share all over social media. It's easy, imaginative and successful, so have fun and embark on a creative marketing adventure!