October 23, 2013

Bravo 2.0: A Sneak Peek Of The New Campaign Interface

Over the last year, we’ve compiled hundreds of emails from you containing great ideas for improvement. We’ve been listening, and hard at work designing the new Bravo 2.0 interface. That said, we’ll be publishing 1 update per week for the next ~30 days, and we plan on launching the new interface across all customer accounts on December 9.

A New Way To Manage Your Campaigns

The new interface allows you to run all the components of your campaign seamlessly, from one single campaign dashboard:

The New Campaign Interface

Now you can build, capture, review, distribute and analyze your video campaigns:

Enables you to build and customize your campaign.

Enables you to grab video recorder and contest embed codes to capture video from your website, blog, social media properties and more.

Enables you to review and manage videos within your campaign.

Enables you to distribute your videos. For example, our Playlist feature allows you to embed a single player on your web property where all your best videos will stream.

Enables you to analyze the effectiveness of your current campaign, as well as view specific sources where videos are being sent (web browsers, mobile devices, tablets, etc.).

Stay tuned for more feature sneak peeks! We’ll be publishing more information weekly, with a goal of launching the new interface across all customer accounts on December 9.

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