A Video Testimonial App in the Golden Age of Video Marketing

A Video Testimonial App in the Golden Age of Video MarketingWith the rise of Youtube and integrated video hosting on social media sites like Facebook we have entered the golden age of video marketing, that much is clear. What is seemingly up in the air, however, is how to best take advantage of the proliferation of video content and distribution platforms. One way, we believe, is with a proven video testimonial app. It seems as though the current marketing terrain would be perfect for a push towards a robust usage of video testimonials by customers, but so far we've seen few developments in this area beyond high-cost campaigns that rarely make back their cost. After all, a professional customer testimonial costs money to light and shoot, equipment and space must be rented, and participants must often be compensated for the large time investment that they'll make. And that's where the real benefits of Bravo present themselves. Bravo helps to greatly reduce the cost and time investments required to produce professional-looking testimonials, so companies can market themselves efficiently and actually receive a sizable ROI on that investment. Additionally, social media is driven on the idea that more content is better. The more you engage your audience, the more you'll show up on their feed and the more you'll have the opportunity to attract their attention. This means the continual production of content is absolutely essential for any campaign. Bravo enables such production by creating an easy-to-use and unintrusive pipeline for content creation. All-in-all, the early 21st century is going to be marked by a shift from image to video advertising, that much is clear. Some would even argue that this shift has already happened. So if we're in the golden age already, why not get ahead of the competition now?