May 5, 2014

An Introduction To Social Media Video Marketing

Social Media Video MarketingConsidering social media video marketing for your brand? Video has been generating a lot of buzz recently, and it’s worth considering if you’re looking to amp up your marketing strategy. If you’re not sure about what it is and if it’ll work best for you – read on for an intro on how to get started.

What is it?

Just like it sounds, social media video marketing is a way to connect and engage with consumers by sharing video across social media platforms.

We already know that online appetite for video has been growing with no signs of slowing down. Adding it to your marketing strategy means reaching out in a way that not only makes sense, but actually compliments how people are spending their time online.

Before you get started

Before you dive into social media video marketing, your best bet for success is to have a good understanding of your goals. Re-vamping your marketing efforts can do a lot for your brand, but you’ll accomplish more if you have an understanding of which areas need improvement, or where your focus should be.

Consider the following:

How is social media being used effectively within my industry?
What is unique about the reach/impact of social media?
Where is my audience hanging out online?

Instead of scrambling to use all the major social media platforms, it’s better to have a handle on where your presence will have the most impact. What works for some brands on Facebook or Twitter, might not have as much success as Tumblr or Pinterest would.

Your social media video marketing strategy should be one that makes sense for your brand and the people you’re trying to reach. Marketing strategies aren’t, and shouldn’t be, one size fits all. Don’t be afraid to put some time into creating something that works best for you and breaks out of the restraints of ideas about traditional marketing.

The takeaway

Social media video marketing isn’t an exact science.

You can look at the numbers and figure out where your presence will do best based on who spends their time on each platform. But more important than the numbers game is the creativity that video brings to your outreach. It allows you to play around in new and exciting ways with how you choose to deliver your message and present yourself.

If anything could use a little new and exciting, it’s our marketing strategies.

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