January 30, 2013

Apps For 50: Ensuring Customers Can Engage With Businesses Anytime, Anywhere

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Whether you have a website or a business, you want to make sure your audience and customers can engage with your brand or organization anytime, anywhere. AppsFor50.com offers an affordable, simple, and powerful way for you to connect with your audience and customers wherever they go. Below you’ll find some interview questions answered by the founder of the company, Cornelius Brown Sr.

Apps For 50

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What motivated you to start your own company?

The magic answers would be to better provide for my family, stimulate the local economy, or follow my dreams. However, while those answers are all true, my motivation is rooted from helping and educating other business entrepreneurs accomplish their goals in today’s economy – in one of the most affordable ways – utilizing mobile technology.

I look back on where I have been with many of my other business ventures, which have led me to the passions of my past and present combined. My professional life choices of military service, teacher, regional business manager, software programmer, and entrepreneur, led me to my true love of giving back to others, believing that I have a lot to offer the world in my current business pursuit.

You ask, what motivated me to start my own company…well, besides the previously mentioned…life did! I believe in that old saying, “knowledge is power.” However, it’s the application of that knowledge that gives you TRUE power!

What’s special about your business?

What’s special about my business is the people that make up my organization and the impact they have on various entrepreneurs. They educate and train today’s entrepreneurs and effect their bottom line significantly.

Without breaking the bank and falling within any businesses shoe-string budget, my business enables entrepreneurs to maximize their ROI, by engaging their customers in the “here to stay, forever evolving” mobile technological revolution. I could go on to tell you I have the best service since the invention of the “Snuggie,” but the fact is, there are thousands of mobile app development companies popping up every year. We all think we are special in one way or another. I find it best to stay in my lane, implementing my core values in the everyday practice of business, with a team to compliment my values. If that makes my business special, then so be it. What’s truly special is assisting that young entrepreneur in obtaining a 20% increase in business in the 1st month… or helping that old mom & pop shop understand that the umbilical cord they have to their rotary phone has be cut and then guiding them into the light of new technology… or simply educating that tech-savvy kid that believes that it will cost him his 1st born to obtain a professionally customized mobile app. All that we require is the look of satisfaction as they benefit from all that we have to offer, an ingeniously affordable marketing tool. So, I would say it’s the “who,” not “what,” that makes my business special!

How will you use Bravo Video?

As a startup, Bravo Video will significantly compliment my business’ service in the educational process for those entrepreneurs that are on the fence with embracing mobile technology. In my very competitive market, Bravo will play an important roll in not just testimonial words or a voice, but a real face with real clients.

I can’t begin to tell you enough about how thankful every one of my clients are that my business found them or they found us. I want them to be able to tell the story that they are very eagerly ready to tell. Not only did I survey my team, but my clients as well, informing them of my option to add Bravo vs. competitors. The vote is unanimous, your core values, and the fact that you even offer a startup sweepstakes, speaks volumes. Not only will my company, current and future clients take advantage of your offering, you’re also providing a valuable asset in my B2B service, and it carry forward to my clients (B2C). Now that’s a unique benefit that brings true value!

Congratulations AppsFor50.com! We applaud your efforts and welcome you to our growing roster of Bravo Startup Sweepstakes members!

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