October 31, 2014

Are Video Testimonials Effective? You Be The Judge

Are Video Testimonials Effective

The big question: Are video testimonials effective? With 64% of online buyers more likely to purchase a product after viewing a video,

I think the answer is a safe yes. That’s also a little too much power to ignore, so let’s explore why they’re so effective.

Consumers see themselves in the speaker

Testimonials allow viewers to hear from fellow consumers. They see themselves, and their problems, reflected, which gets them in the frame of mind to consider how the brand can provide a solution. This form of connection between consumers does what other forms of advertising cannot; viewers are allowed to see things from the perspective of a fellow consumer.

They aren’t listening to the brand about what makes them so great, or why they should invest their time and money. Consumers get to hear it right from the source, which offers the kind of credibility that brands shouldn’t be passing up.

Easy to share

Part of the appeal of video marketing is the shareability, right? Text can get passed around, but it’s not as eye-catching as video. Consumers are likely to dismiss a wall of text, deeming it too long to bother. But a video that answers their questions or prompts them to want to learn more is easy to consume and pass along to friends and family through social media.

Brands that also display social media buttons with testimonials are giving consumers the chance to keep on spreading the word. Maybe the viewer isn’t the one looking to use the product or service but a friend is looking for suggestions. It’s easier than ever to pass along a testimonial to help a friend or family member out. You just have to give them the option to make it happen.

Bragging up brands

It’s great when clients can talk up what a brand does and how they do it. If the brand tries to do the same, they come off as arrogant and actually make it a little harder for consumers to trust them. After all, what brand is ever going to say they’re awful at what they do?

The best thing a brand can do is hand that job over to clients who are more than happy to record a quick testimonial, talking about how great the brand is and what they can do for others.