November 19, 2014

Are You Getting the Most out of Your Video Testimonial App?

Video Testimonial AppEven if you’re aware of your needs and how they’ll change as you grow, checking in to determine if you’re getting the most out of your video testimonial app is always a smart choice.

There are some features that you might know that you need, right from the jump. Others, you’ll come to appreciate with more experience working with a video testimonial app and testimonials in general.

Here’s the rundown of what your video testimonial app should be doing for you.

Ease of use

This is one of the most basic aspects, but still an important one to consider! On the back end – is navigation easy? Does the layout feel too clogged or confusing? You should have a streamlined layout that allows you to get all the behind the scenes work done without having to wade through unnecessary clutter.

On the front end, it’s important that clients and employees can download the app and use it on the go. If an employee asks for a video testimonial at a conference or other gathering where industry peers will be in attendance, you want to know they’ll be able to grab a quick, quality video that can be uploaded without a problem.


Having a variety of customization options means you can keep up brand continuity.

Why is brand continuity important? It means consumers can put a name to who you are based on a logo, color scheme, or other choices that are unique to your brand. As soon as they see it, they think of you. It’s important that you extend that recognition to your testimonials.

On-site recording

Not everyone who wants to give a testimonial is tech savvy, or maybe they’re under a time crunch and want to record it and send it right from your site.

Whatever the case may be, it only makes sense that you’d have the option directly on your site. This makes the process that much easier, which means your clients will be more likely to repeat the process if you ask them to.


How is your app on organization? If you’re like me, and not the best at keeping an orderly system, an app that allows tagging and editing options is a must.

Tagging means that you can group testimonials in a way that makes sense to you, and makes it easier for viewers to comb through. Having a variety of editing options means you can correct mistakes easily and without too much hassle.

Video Testimonial Success