August 10, 2015

Customer Support Series: Ask More Than 1 Question Within the Same Campaign

Customer Support SeriesWe recently received the following support request from one of our users:

Is there a way to ask more than 1 question within the same campaign? We’re a recruiting company, and we’d like to interview job candidates. Most times, we’ll be asking them 3 to 5 questions during their interviews.

There certainly is! However, you’ll want to follow the steps below in order to make it as easy as possible for your customers to understand exactly what you’re looking for…

Using the “Description” field to ask multiple questions

First, you’ll want to leave the “Question” field blank. If you’ve previewed your microsite or widget, you know that the “Question” field acts as the headline text for your microsite or widget.

You’ll then want to list your questions in the “Description” field using paragraph tags or ordered lists. These fields are HTML-friendly, so it’ll end up looking something like this:

Asking More Than 1 Question Within the Same Campaign

The result

After you save your campaign, you’ll be sent to the Publish page. Here you can preview your microsite or record widget, and the end result should look something like this:

Asking More Than 1 Question Within the Same Campaign

An important thing to consider is how much time your customers will have to answer multiple questions. Be sure to increase the recording time accordingly! And we wouldn’t recommend asking more than three questions, since most responses tend to run a little long.

We’ve been asked about recording separate videos for each question, and it’s a feature we’re considering in the coming months. Be sure to stay tuned-in to the Feature Updates section of our blog for more updates!

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