Attorney Video Marketing: The Key To Content That Inspires Trust

Attorney Video MarketingFor many, the key to attorney video marketing is all a matter of getting started. The biggest hurdle can be committing to a marketing strategy and sticking with it, especially when you're feeling a time crunch! Short of infusing more hours into your day, you're going to need to take the time you do have to carve out your marketing goals. Luckily for you, video marketing doesn't have to eat at your time or stress you out. If you're looking to create content that inspires trust, it's a lot simpler than you think.

Introduce yourself

It sounds like the simplest thing in the world, but it can make a lot of difference with prospective clients. Sitting down and shooting a quick video gets your name and face out there. Even better, it can also put viewers at ease because they'll know what to expect when they meet you. Include background information about how long you've been practicing, your track record, and a little about your personal life. Those are good starting points, but you can always change things up if you're feeling inspired! The good news is that an intro video shouldn't be too long. If you're someone who isn't all that comfortable on video, it's in your favor that the video should be on the short side.


After you introduce yourself, why not start asking pleased clients to speak on your behalf? We all know that it's off-putting if we create a constant stream of content talking about how great we are at what we do. But asking other people to talk about what you do and why you're great at it is known to receive a much better response. Viewers want to hear from people they can relate to, fellow consumers who will tell it like it is. With the right questions and a deliberate effort to make asking for testimonials part of your closing routine with clients, you can give viewers just that.

Answer frequently asked questions

Even with an introduction and testimonials to get the word out about what you do and inspire trust, it's still a good idea to create fresh content in order to stay on the radar. A great way to manage that is by filming a weekly session where you answer frequently asked questions. There are other ways you can go about this, just as long as you're filming relevant content instead of putting out video for the sake of having video. It's important to stick with your routine if you want to see results. An introductory video is something you can do once and not have to think about until the next time you want to update it. But testimonials and videos that cover frequently asked questions, or whatever topic you choose to take on each week, require more of a commitment. It's not as easy as saying one and done if you want your content to make an impact, so make sure you create a realistic video marketing effort. Something that you can see yourself sticking to so it can yield the desired results.