June 9, 2014

Benefits of Using a Voice of Customer Questionnaire

Voice Of Customer QuestionnaireA voice of customer questionnaire shows you’re listening

It doesn’t matter which brand or product we’re talking about, we know it’s safe to say that customers have an opinion about it. Somewhere, someone’s had a run-in that’s formed their opinion. Good or bad, you’ll hear them in casual conversation or read about it on social media.

Customers aren’t shy. We’ve all heard, or we’ve been the one doing the raving over the latest feature or update from our favorite brand. Or we’ve warned friends not to waste their time or money on a product we’ve used that didn’t work, or came with an unfortunate customer service story.

A voice of customer questionnaire gets to the heart of what customers think and feel, allowing them to comment on important aspects of their experience. It allows you to get an overall feel for what’s going right and what you can improve on, based on the feedback you receive.

Some reservations about using this method for customer feedback

Some common complaints about using a questionnaire, or similar methods to gather feedback, comb through, and then compile it mostly have to do with the amount of time it takes. It’s looked at as a time drain, which actually depends on the efficiency of the system your business has in place.

If you have a hard time on the organization end of things, it might be more difficult to keep up and stick to your process. The problem then isn’t with the feedback you’re gathering, but with sticking to your system – which is a whole other problem entirely!

Organizational skills aside – it can feel overwhelming to manage what’s being said about your product or brand. Unless you devote yourself 24/7 to seeing what’s being said on social media, it’s going to be difficult to watch every conversation taking place, record the feedback, and use it to make positive changes.

Which is what feedback is all about. Hearing your customer so you can look at their experiences and determine what needs work so they can have an even better experience, and you can grow in the process.

Using a questionnaire or other means to hear what customers are thinking after they’ve encountered your brand, for better or for worse, is crucial. In a lot of cases, there’s a deep-rooted fear of hearing negative comments. The alternative is letting that negativity hang out online and be passed around by word of mouth, without addressing it or taking an interest in making changes that’ll give your customers a better experience.

A brand that’s afraid of hearing negative feedback is one that’s going to have a hard time growing in a meaningful way.

Being proactive by asking for feedback is going to benefit your business in a number of ways. Whether you’re asking for their opinion or not, customers are ready to give it to you. It’s best for you to be involved in what they have to say, in order to have a good idea about the changes you can make as you move forward to make their experience that much better.

Otherwise you’re not keeping up with what your customers need and want. And that’s not going to do your brand any favors.

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