December 17, 2013

Best Practices To Optimize Your Video Testimonial Campaign

Optimize Your Video Testimonial CampaignMore than short term success is at stake when you consider how you plan to optimize your video testimonial campaign. Integrating video into your marketing strategy can really provide a boost to brand credibility and the number of conversions you’re seeing. But what are you accomplishing in the long term?

Instant gratification doesn’t usually lend itself well to long term pay off. The two are at odds with one another, with the short term being key for laying the ground work of future marketing success.

Here’s how to do the most for campaign optimization:

Outline campaign objectives

The short term goals for your campaign should be easy to identify. If you’re looking to increase traffic on your website, or promote a new feature – be sure to identify those goals for what they are. Long term campaign objectives will be geared more toward brand building, which will have more of an impact on your business down the road, rather than as soon as the campaign wraps up. Video can accomplish both short and long term goals. It’s up to you to sort them out for what they are, first.

Defining criteria for success

Outlining your objectives is key to measuring the success of campaign efforts. Before the video campaign gets underway you’ll have benchmarks to keep track of its progress. But what progress are you tracking? Do you know? If not, you should get with your team and consider what a successful campaign will look like. Ultimately, it’s good to get your following fired up and involved. But what is that involvement doing for you?

If you’re trying to look at data for a long term effort with a short term mindset, you’re in for disappointment. Don’t do that to yourself. Avoid the frustration and get a firm handle on what your objectives are and when they’ll play out.

Keep calm and campaign on

When something is going wrong, the natural impulse is to do whatever you can to fix it. In the case of your video testimonial campaign, that impulse is a sure sign of trouble. Do your campaign a favor and look over every aspect with care before diving in.Throwing together a campaign with too many elements is asking for trouble. The great thing about video is its versatility. Let that speak for itself.

Whether your campaign highlights short or long term goals, it’s important to go into it with outlined objectives, criteria for success, and an unflappable calm under pressure. Optimizing a video testimonial campaign is not for the faint of heart. When you intentionally take the time to evaluate your initiative and what it can achieve for your brand – you’re putting yourself on the right track.

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