January 3, 2014

Bravo 2.0 Is Here

We officially rolled out Bravo 2.0 to all accounts today, and we launched a shiny new website to go along with the new interface. We think you’re going to love it, but we also realize that technology changes can be stressful to some.

Here are the details:

A Fresh, Responsive Design

The new interface features a fully-responsive design, compatible with all smartphones and tablets:

Mobile Friendly Interface

Now, you can manage your campaigns and moderate/review your videos from your mobile devices with ease. All functionality included in the new interface will now be accessible from the palm of your hand. Pretty nifty, eh?

Multiple Campaign Capability

The new interface allows you and your team to create multiple video campaigns:

Multiple Campaigns Feature

Now, you can have one campaign that focuses on video testimonials, and another that features a video contest. Or, you can have an internal campaign for sales audits and an external campaign for your website visitors.

A New Way To Manage Your Campaigns

The new interface allows you to run all the components of your campaign seamlessly, from one single campaign dashboard:

The New Campaign Interface

Now you can build, capture, review, distribute and analyze your video campaigns:

Enables you to build and customize your campaign.

Enables you to grab video recorder and contest embed codes to capture video from your website, blog, social media properties and more.

Enables you to review and manage videos within your campaign.

Enables you to distribute your videos. For example, our Playlist feature allows you to embed a single player on your web property where all your best videos will stream.

Enables you to analyze the effectiveness of your current campaign, as well as view specific sources where videos are being sent (web browsers, mobile devices, tablets, etc.).

Advanced Analytics

Analyze Overview

The new interface allows you to gain valuable insights into your campaigns from multiple levels…

Recorder & Video Analytics
This section displays the total amount of video recorder impressions along with the total amount of video submissions. Then, you’re provided with the overall campaign conversion rate as well as the total number of video views across the specific campaign:

Recorder & Video Analytics

Recorder Impressions vs. Submissions
This section provides you with a 30-day history of recorder impressions and video submissions. You can adjust the date ranges for a more customized view:

Recorder Impressions vs. Submissions

Video Submissions By Source
This section provides you with insights into what sources your audience memebers are using to submit their videos. Are most people using smartphones and tablets, or are most people using their desktop of laptop computers? This will give you all the answers you need to find out:

Video Submissions By Source

Multiple Users

The new multiple users feature allows for your entire team to get involved with your user generated video campaigns:

Multiple Users Feature

For example, let’s say you have 2 active campaigns.

The first campaign is an external campaign where you’re trying to collect video testimonials. You can invite your account managers – those who are responsible for curating video testimonials from your best clients – into Bravo to manage their collective efforts.

The second campaign is an internal campaign, where your sales team is giving you their best elevator pitches on your products or services. You can invite your sales manager into Bravo to manage these internal sales pitch auditing efforts.

Pretty useful, eh?

A New Form Builder

The new form builder feature allows you to easily capture the information you’d like from your participants:

Form Builder Feature

After someone records and reviews their video, they’ll see the form that you’ve created for them. Now, you can capture information above and beyond the standard “name” and “email address” field. In fact, the options are endless.

Want to capture their date of birth? No problem. How about their job position or location? Easy-peasy.

Custom Video Allowance Messages

The new allowance message feature allows you to customize the message that your audience will see if/when you reach your monthly video allowance:

Video Allowance Feature

For example, if you reach your in a 30-day cycle, your audience will see this message when they go to record, review and send a video.

You have full HTML capabilities, and can put whatever you’d like into the message area – including custom images.

New Website

Of course, we didn’t forget about the product website.

We wanted the new website to reflect our goal of making Bravo 2.0 a more intuitive experience for our customers. So, we lightened everything up, made it fully responsive and eliminated clutter where we could.

We hope you enjoy the upgrades!

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