April 16, 2014

Car Dealership Video Testimonial Best Practices

Video Testimonial Best PracticesWe have a list of car dealership video testimonial best practices so you can boost your marketing efforts. Testimonial campaigns are an excellent way to showcase your dealership, and what you do best for the people who come to you looking for their next vehicle.

Get in the habit of asking

Early on, you are your own biggest hurdle in pulling off a successful campaign. If you aren’t asking for testimonials, there’s no way you can receive them. Get with the rest of your team about how many testimonials you’re looking to collect each month.

Once you’ve established your goals, you can begin asking satisfied clients at the end of your transaction. A major part of getting the testimonials is putting clients at ease about filming, and what they have to say. Keep that in mind whenever you do the asking, and adjust your approach until you see the results you’re shooting for.

Make a good impression

There’s a good chance that you won’t be using every testimonial on your site. You’ll receive video that just isn’t the right fit. Whether it’s because of the quality or the content, it’s okay to only display the best of the best.

The testimonials are going to serve as an introduction for people who aren’t very familiar with your brand. You want to make a good first impression about who you are and what you do by providing video that really highlights that you know your stuff. It’s okay to be selective about what goes up, and even adjust what you look/ask for from clients who agree to film their testimonial.

Put forward the right questions

Knowing which questions lend themselves to getting a good response is something that you’ll get better at with more experience. Getting started, here are a few that will work well for your dealership:

Why did you choose to buy your car from us?
Why would you recommend us to your friends and family?

Stay away from yes/no questions, which won’t allow them to elaborate about what they like most about you. Testimonials should have some explanation about what you do best, so make sure to ask questions that encourage that conversation.

Video Testimonial Success