September 10, 2015

Success Stories: One Hour Translation Uses Bravo to Collect Video Profiles From Their Translator Community

Every so often we invite our customers to tell their stories. Today’s success story involves Yaron Kaufman, CMO of One Hour Translation. They provide high-quality professional human translation of over 75 languages and over 2500 language pairs.

Who are you and what do you do?

I am the CMO at One Hour Translation, the world’s largest online translation agency.

What sets you apart from other companies in your industry?

We provide high-quality professional human translation of over 75 languages. We’re able to provide these high-quality translations around the clock, thanks to our community of over 15,000 Professional Translators. We’re the only translation agency that let’s you build your own team of exclusive translators (called “MyTeam”). Read More

July 29, 2015

Success Stories: Time to Hire Uses Bravo to Disarm the Skeptics

Every so often we invite our customers to tell their stories. Today’s success story involves Chad Bronstein, founder of Time to Hire. His company connects thousands of qualified commission sales people with businesses who are looking to hire positions in direct sales, in-home sales, outside sales, inside sales, and sales management.

Chad Bronstein

What exactly does your company do?

Time To Hire helps companies of all types find US-based commission only sales reps quickly and cost effectively.

What sets you apart from other companies in your industry?
  1. Time to Hire is active vs passive recruiting. The current standard for recruiting is the job posting, however candidates typically won’t respond to commission-only job postings. Time To Hire actively searches through 130 million resumes to find potential matches and then contacts them on behalf of their customer. Candidates who are interested will call the client directly where they can book them into individual or group interviews.
  2. While it can take several weeks to get responses to a job posting, our service works in just a day or two.
  3. More qualified candidates. Anyone can submit their resume to a job posting. Time To Hire searches for candidates and only interested or curious candidates respond, which leads to a more qualified candidate.
  4. Cost effective. Our service starts at $399.
Why do you use Bravo?

When we started the company we ran into a lot of skeptical people. Video testimonials help us overcome this objection for the majority of prospective clients. We use Bravo because it simplifies the video creation process for our customer and reduces the amount of editing time on our end.

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August 24, 2013

[Customer Spotlight] Milwaukee Social Media

Phil Gerbyshak, Milwaukee Social Media

Every so often we invite our customers to tell their stories. Today’s spotlight is on Milwaukee Social Media, a social media training, speaking and strategy agency in…you guessed it…Milwaukee! Click here if you’re interested in getting your story published…

Tell us a little about your company.
Need to know how to use the latest social media tools to connect to your prospects and convert them to customers? We can do that!

What makes your company different from other companies in the market?
We’ve been on the Internet since before Al Gore invented it. Our founder used to deliver e-mail, by hand, in the 90s. We focus on straight forward, no fluff ways you can use social media to grow your business. We are really interested in the way marketing has changed in the last few years.

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November 6, 2012

Veritas Prep Leverages User-Generated Video To Boost Peer Authority

veritas prep logoEager students are looking to best leverage their test scores as the competition for undergraduate, graduate, business, law and medical schools gets more and more fierce. It’s no surprise that there are hundreds of test prep providers readily available to assist those in need.

But how are these providers breaking through the noise and positioning themselves as the best solution for a student’s academic desires?

Veritas Prep, a premier provider in this space, is building their brand by using Bravo Video as a communications conduit.

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October 12, 2012

Monthlys Offers Rewards To Their Members For Video Reviews

Monthlys offers a new way to explore local, curated product clubs. Members can subscribe to what they like, and receive products in the mail on a monthly or quarterly basis.

We’re thrilled that they integrated our platform, and are now able to generate real-life video reviews from their members. They decided to use our iFrame embed tool which allows their members to record, review and submit videos directly from the Monthlys website:

Monthlys Video Reviews

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June 26, 2012

2nd Wind Exercise Launches Product Review Contest, Utilizes The Bravo Facebook App

2nd Wind Exercise is the nation’s largest specialty fitness retailer. Providing their customers with great products and excellent service for over 20 years, they carry the latest in fitness equipment – from home gyms to ellipticals to fitness accessories.

Last week, 2nd Wind Exercise launched a video contest, centered around product reviews:

2nd Wind Exercise

The Bravo Facebook App

With the introduction of the new Bravo Facebook app, customers now have the opportunity to submit their videos right from 2nd Wind’s Facebook page. By utilizing this app, 2nd Wind Exercise expects to see an increase in submissions, and they also hope to create a stronger social media presence.

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May 1, 2012

Pronto Heat – Not Your Average Service Company

How does a service company in a local area separate their business from the rest of the crowd while boosting their online credibility?

Easy. Just ask one of our customers from Minneapolis, Pronto Heating & Air Conditioning:

Pronto Heat

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February 22, 2012

Jet Hockey Arena Asks Their Website Visitors to Record and Send Videos

Jet Hockey Arena

Anytime we notice a customer doing great things with Bravo, we simply have to show it off.

Jet Hockey is currently asking their visitors what they like best about the arena. Their call-to-action sits at the top of their website, remaining visible to their audience on all pages.

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February 16, 2012

The Wisdom Link Introduces Their Website Visitors to Bravo

We recently noticed a very clean, clever Bravo Video integration on a customer’s website.

The Wisdom Link, an intellectual capital development firm in Oak Park IL., created a streamlined call to action for their website visitors to send in their video testimonials – right on their home page.

Can you find it?

Wisdom Link

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February 4, 2012

Mario Tricoci Lauches a Video Contest for Facebook Fans

In a recent effort to increase engagement with Facebook fans, Mario Tricoci launched a social contest using Bravo Video.

In 30 seconds or less, fans will have the opportunity to answer the question “What’s your beauty essential?”. The most creative videos will receive prizes and gift cards from Mario Tricoci, Akira Chicago, Jameson’s Charhouse and Elate Restaurant.

Mario Tricoci Video Contest

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January 16, 2012

TrueNorth Captures Internal Elevator Pitches

In a recent effort to refine their corporate brand identity, TrueNorth recently launched an internal Bravo Video campaign for their executive team.

In 30 seconds or less, each of the executives and division leaders were asked to define the company and explain who it is they serve:

TrueNorth's Bravo Video Portal

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