December 2, 2013

Choosing A Video Testimonial Recorder That Compliments Your Marketing Strategy

Choosing A Video Testimonial Recorder That Compliments Your Marketing Strategy

What challenges come with finding a video testimonial recorder that works for your needs? We know that clients are more than happy to speak on behalf of their favorite brands, whether it’s by word of mouth, or taking the time to record a testimonial that will appeal to other consumers. The easy part is asking for videos, and working with clients to receive them. The harder part is finding a recorder that meets your needs.

We’re here to simplify the search for you. Here’s what you should look for:


Where are you going to collect video testimonials? The more direct you are about the process, in terms of placement, the better. Clients won’t want to be re-routed to film their testimonial, so it’s better to keep them from having to navigate to multiple pages. Two places to start are on your website, and Facebook account. Both locations lend themselves to client interaction, and make them the perfect spot for asking and receiving video testimonials. Keep in mind – your recorder should also allow clients to record from a mobile device. The use of tablets, and phones to access the internet has been on the rise. Not just on-the-go, but even at home, consumers are using them more and more, accounting for a large online presence. The video testimonial recorder should reflect that usage.

Content placement

Once you have the content, where’s it going? Placing it on a website testimonial page is a no brainer. Video testimonials do well when paired with text to establish a connection with consumers, and promote trust in the brand. Where else are you looking to place them? They’ll do well in multiple areas on your website, including pages where consumers experience anxiety about entering personal information, or making a purchasing decision. Look for a recorder that will allow you to display content where it fits. Embedding will allow you to make changes to your placement instead of limiting where content is going.

Utilize your options

The great thing about video content is its capacity for variety. You want video testimonials to accomplish what text endorsements can’t. Video has shareability, and allows consumers to relate to the person who’s speaking – and that’s something text can’t do for marketing. Video testimonials aside, there are a variety of other ways you should be able to use your recorder. For example, will it lend itself to collecting entries for a Facebook video contest? How about using recordings in blog posts? If you want to film a product demo or collect demonstrations or feedback from clients, and integrate it into your blog, your recorder should enable you to do that instead of holding you back.

It’s important to keep in mind that marketing strategies aren’t going to remain the same. Marketing is always shifting, evolving toward future goals as they change, and re-direct. Video testimonials are an excellent addition to your marketing strategy. At the same time, it’s key to keep the future in mind, so your recorder helps, and doesn’t hinder your marketing strategy.

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