May 26, 2016

Choosing Great Testimonial Videos: What You Should Keep In Mind

Choosing Great Testimonial Videos: What You Should Keep In MindTestimonials are, perhaps, the best way to convey to your potential clients the true value and quality of your product. More often than not, a user-generated video can seem far more trustworthy to prospects than anything your sales or marketing team can create, because testimonial videos create an authentic connection between a prospect and the person giving it.

However, not all testimonial videos are created equal. Some will be more effective than others in driving results, i.e. new customers or clients.

We’ve discussed in the past different ways you can coax and lead your clients to provide you with the highest quality testimonials. But once you’ve gathered a number of testimonial videos, you’re going to have a choose which ones to feature most prominently on your website. You could select a few at random, but an informed decision will be much more prudent and will likely have better results, right?

A great testimonial video will have a number of factors which set it apart from the rest:

It backs up the claims made by your marketing.

Choose a video that highlights the specific features of your product or service that you’ve also promoted in your marketing efforts. The words of your customers should always align with your messaging.

The best video will come from someone your core consumer base can relate to.

You know your demographic. So be sure to feature testimonials from people in the same income bracket, the same cultural niche, the same age range as your consumer base, or with any other demographic information that’s relevant to your brand.

Comparison to other products or services is huge.

Featuring testimonials that specifically compare your product or service to the competition has its benefits. For instance, it adds even more credibility if the client has tried the other option(s) mentioned in the testimonial footage before discovering you!

Following these guidelines, take care in recording how different featured videos affect your customer conversions. And don’t be afraid to experiment and see what works best for you!

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