July 2, 2015

Feature Update: Easily Clone a Video Testimonial Campaign

Today we’re excited to announce an exciting feature that’ll significantly reduce the time needed to clone a video testimonial campaign.

We’re constantly committed to making your video testimonial campaigns that much better. That’s why earlier this week we released our clone tool.

Here’s a speak peak at what’s new:

On your Campaigns page, you’ll notice a small icon that’ll clone your entire campaign with just a single click:

Clone a Video Testimonial Campaign

Cloning a campaign will save all of your existing campaign’s data – including your campaign’s question and description, form fields and any advanced features you’ve configured along the way.

Why create the ability to clone a campaign?

Last week, we received a support ticket from one of our customers asking us if there was an easier way for them to create multiple campaigns in a short period of time.  They were building each campaign independently and this took several minutes per campaign.

And with dozens of campaigns, you can imagine how cumbersome this must have been!

Now, with a click of a button, you’ll be able to instantly clone all of your campaign’s information into a “copy” campaign, and simply edit accordingly from there.

The clone tool is now available for everyone. We hope you love it!

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