January 25, 2016

Coaching By Claudia: An Essential Resource for Growth-Driven Designers & Creatives

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Coaching By Claudia: An Essential Resource for Growth-Driven Designers & CreativesClaudia Mayer is a leading business coach and the founder of Coaching by Claudia, a business and career coaching website for Designers and Creatives.

With over eight years of experience in the international creative industry in five European and Asian countries, Claudia is well attuned with the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds and how to help those looking to grow professionally.

Recognizing that not all designers and creative professionals have a commercial sense for growing their entrepreneurial courage, Coaching by Claudia was born.

What motivated you to start your own company?

I started Coaching by Claudia in July 2015 to launch my mission: bringing more fun and focus into the business side of Designers and Creatives. They’re talented, work passionately and create unique value for their clients, but not all of them have a commercial sense.

What’s so special about your business?

I help Designers and Creatives succeed in business and their careers by growing their entrepreneurial courage. My unique approach blends coaching for personal development and consulting for business development. I work virtually with clients around the world.

How will you use Bravo?

I would like to show my clients how easy and fun video testimonials can be.

Congratulations, Claudia! We wish you the best and are pleased to include you on our growing list of Bravo Startup Sweepstakes winners!

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