May 28, 2014

Coca-Cola and Teens Pair Up for User-Generated Video Storytelling

User-Generated VideoCoke’s rolling out user-generated video for its “Ahh Effect” campaign.

It all began last year when Coke unveiled the campaign to highlight the range of experiences around drinking their product. The campaign has featured over 61 websites – – with each site differing based on the number of h’s in the url. Some of the games on the various Ahh sites have have included aiming ice cubes into a glass of soda, or trying to keep a laser pointer away from a herd of cats.

Throughout the campaign, the focus has remained on teens, with advertising on Adult Swim, MTV, and MTV 2. Several months ago, Coke began asking for user-generated video from teens. The aim for the video was to capture the experience of taking a sip of Coke.

So far, the campaign has been pulled off in two parts. The first part was a digital-only campaign. Coke used gifs, games, and quick-and-easy mobile updates to drive it forward. This year, they’ve branched out into TV and other venues to make sure they’re hitting their audience from every angle. The strategy has blended well so far, drawing engagement and a buzz of conversation around what they’re doing and how they’ve done it.

The takeaway

Millennials are all over user-generated video. The case is made by the fact that Coke received more than 400 video submissions for the Ahh Effect campaign. ¬†Marketers need to be paying attention to Coke’s strategy for this campaign and what it says about marketing to a younger generation.

The blended strategy that Coke has used is something to watch and understand about how to effectively reach millennials. They’re often painted as lazy and coddled, but the truth about millennials is that they’re a source of amazing creativity and passion. If you engage them in the right ways, they’re more than willing to rise to the occasion and surprise you with their creativity.

Take a tip from Coke when you’re considering how to pull off user-generated video campaigns that reach your audience and keep them interested.

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